Have fun by planning a Camping trip with friends


Do you love to get in touch with nature? Then Camping is an amazing bonding activity and it is a fun time to go for outdoor adventures which may help to bond everyone together. This can give a pleasant experience by enjoying with your friends. To plan a camping trip with friends first you have to decide where you are going to camp.  Choose your favorite spot to enjoy.

It is the right time to coordinate your gear and it is good to find all the essential items that you need for camping. By moving around with your lovable ones can make the trip unforgettable as well as enjoyable. Just go for your favorite spots and get close with beautiful sceneries so you don’t have to walk or ride a cycle too far away from your campsite to have a good time.

How to Plan a camping trip with your friends? Here are some of the ideas to have a great blast while you go for a camping destination.

Bring necessities:

Be sure that you have all the essential items in your backpack before leaving the home. Make a list check twice and review your checklist with everyone who will be camping with you.

What to pack for camping?

What you need to bring will depend on the destination you have chosen for camping. It is also significant to decide whether you love to stay in a campground like car camping. Just have a look at cooking items that you need to survive for a long time at the campsite. Be prepared to face all the interesting situations in outdoor adventure and be safe.

You may need:

  • A Camping tent to keep yourself protected from harmful species around the campsite double check to ensure that you have all poles as well as stacks.
  • Sleeping Bags, Travel Pillows, Folding chairs and tables, Sunshade, light mattress, pocket knife for any quick cutting needs.
  • A headlamp, flashlight or a lantern which may help you to navigate when the campsite is too dark.
  • If you have a plan to cook then pack a good quality cookware along with a camping stove and a fuel that requires.
  • Keep a waterproof jacket, water purifier, GPS tracker, a first aid kit, a bug repellent, camera, mobile etc…

Have fun:

Camping can be lots of fun. It can be a great time to involve in new adventurous activities or get back into your hobbies you love. There are a lot of exciting games and activities to do in water if you have built your campsite near pools, lakes, rivers or any other source.

Explore all your ideas:

Card games are also good to play and it is easy to carry wherever you go. Games are the great idea to give everyone something to do around the fire at night. Involve all your friends and ask them what games they are willing to play coordinate with everyone.

Pick a Perfect Camping destination:

Campers always love great outdoors. While you plan for a great campsite make sure that the destination you are going to stay is better. When you get to your campsite there will be a lot of things that you may need from pitching tents to collecting water.

Build a Campfire:

When you travel with a group of friends you can easily build a campfire. So that you can boil the water, cook a food also it may help the person to come back to the campsite when it is dark. There are plenty of tasks to do at nighttime while camping as well. The darkness can be very thrilling out in the woods without all the lights of the city.

Play Spooky games or do things to light up the night

  • It may be interesting to play hide and seek in the dark environment. It can also build your relationship by the way it relaxes your mind.
  • Go for a midnight swim and enjoy with your friends. This can make you feel happy for a while and keep you calm.
  • Have a glowstick to get colorful and bright lights in the dark. It may enhance the beauty of your campsite and light your way. The bright sparkles can keep you safe always.
  • Dance around the fire with all your friends. Play a guitar, harmonica or any other instrument to make everyone happy as well as calm.
  • Reenact your favorite story or your life experiences with others scene by scene to have a great nighttime.

Set up a camp:

When you move to outdoor camping with a group of friends just find a site that looks like a place where you could stay for the whole week. Choose a perfect campsite for building the tent, cooking food and then settle in. pack all your gear properly and pick a place that offers something your family enjoys doing. Friends can take a turn to cook meals, setting up the tent and making fires.

Have an enjoyable experience:

  • You can play a fold up travel games but the best thing to go is exploring. Go swimming into the river which is nearby your tent or just go in front of the campfire and dance for your favorite music.
  • The campsites with a good shade should be preferred it must be well surrounded by tall trees. At the time of hot days, you can take rest under the gigantic tree and move for the next adventure. Listen to nature; watch the trees blowing in the breeze.

How to survive for a long in Campsite:

If you decide to cook food from home then it is better to take some healthier meal with you like Sandwiches, Fruit, and nuts, juices, soft drink, vacuum-packed meats, fresh carrots, dried fruits. Some may like to cook at the campsite so for them, it could be easier to boil a fresh omelet using campfire, pasta or meat pieces.

If you are near the pool or river catch fishes and have healthy food which can help to survive for a long time. Always boil a water and drink to avoid a bug or other insects’ infection, take a fresh meal wherever you travel.

Final Words:

Camping is fun filled activity to bond with nature. When you go with your friends it gives additional enjoyment and happiness. Get your friends together pack all the necessary gears and enjoy the amazing outdoors!

10 Camping Ideas for Storing


Staying and sleeping in your house for a long time without any fun is very much like a calculator or robot. You need to have fun and for that, you need to leave somewhere outdoors to keep yourself happy. One such trick to keep you excited is to go camping. Usually, children become anxious when you tell them about camping. However, things would not be the same when you pick the same campsite more than twice.

You should not only list down the amount of happiness you get from camping but also you should care more about the issues which arise along with it. The predominant camping issue which occurs to all the campers is packing. Most of you pack almost all the items from your home while you set out for camping. Have you ever thought that you are trying to fit all the items in your home into your small car? How come your car will accommodate that many stuff?

Therefore, it is wise to carry only the items which you need the most while you go to a campsite. But, you don’t want to live like an uncivilized primitive man inside the dense forest. Do you? So, your packing method should be that precise and perfect to accommodate most of the stuff you deem to be necessary at the campsite. You are not going to increase the size of your car to accommodate your stuff, but you can follow some clever step to accomplish the task. Here are some packing techniques which you can follow while you pack for a long-term camping and enjoy the true delight behind it.

  1. Zip locks

Although they are small items which have the least association with camping, they play a vital role to secure items. We use zip locks to keep it safe from water; apart from that, they can also be used to keep the small items like keys chains, watches, etc safe. Usually, folks while leaving for a campsite are very much worried about the breakthrough of thieves into their house while they are away.

Money, credit cards, checks etc are the stuff on which the thieves focus. You can take them with you while you go out camping. Don’t be scared that you could get them drenched. You can keep them in zip lock covers. Now that, you have safeguarded your valuables you can enjoy your trip. Apart from documents, you can store small items like lip balm, spices, lighters, etc inside the zip locks so that you don’t have to find a separate case for that.

  1. Dry tents

No one would go inside the forest without tents. Sleeping at night by having a look at the stars is a mesmerizing experience inside a jungle. But, you cannot experience that happiness, unless you are safe inside a tent. When you pack the tent for camping you should check for wears and tears of the tent in order to ensure safety from poisonous insects and mosquitoes. When you pack up from your campsite, you should completely dry your tent before you pack them in order to prevent the culture of fungus. Also, dry tents accommodate less space when compared to moist tents.

  1. Plastic containers and shelves

Throwing the camping gadgets into the camping vehicle might accommodate more space and it might not hold all your requirements. In order to keep your stuff segregated, you should develop the habit of arranging your requirements in plastic containers. Huge camping vehicles can also be built with the racks and shelves in order to accommodate all the camping requirements. Cookery and kitchen items can also be kept inside appropriate plastic boxes in order to get more space.

  1. Kitchen table

Most folks just use a small table as a kitchen table while they go camping. Remember, this might accommodate more space than a precisely designed camping kitchen gadget which is specially designed for that purpose. Find a new kitchen table which has a lot of chambers and drawers. You can use the volume inside the table to store cookware, raw materials, flour, etc. This way, you can get more space for many other things required for camping.

  1. Cargo sleeping nets

Stacking things one above the other is easy only if both the top and the bottom region of an item is plane like a box. Not all the items, which you take while you go out, have plane phases. I believe most of the items have a blunt top. It means that you cannot load any item on top of that blunt item. In other words, you cannot use the space inside the vehicle efficiently. At such situations, you can simply tie a cargo net at the back and stuff it with your requirements. But, before doing this make sure you stuff only things that can be handled roughly.

  1. Stove

The main cooking gadget that you should take along with you when you set out for camping is a stove. Without that, I bet you are going to be hungry throughout the day. Further, don’t expect that you can rely on the resources of the forest to satisfy your hunger. That is not going to work. Every time when you pack your stove in your vehicle, make sure that you drain all the fuel properly and clean them appropriately before you put it into the appropriate case. Please note that you should place your stove somewhere it can stay alone without the intervention of any other items. Avoid placing food items over the stove; else all your food will smell like the gasoline you used to fill the stove.

  1. Evacuate the sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are really life-saving sacs inside a dense forest. As you know they don’t create heat, but they retain the heat which comes out from your body. The interiors of the sleeping bags accumulate a good amount of air which shows it to be fluffy and spongy. Therefore, before packing your sleeping bag it is very important to evacuate all the air from the sleeping bag. This practice helps to get more space inside the vehicle whenever you pack up.

  1. Foldable chairs

You don’t like to sit on the bare bacteria breeding soil in the jungle while you are at the campsite. Do you? Chairs are also one of the main items that anyone who goes out for camping would grab. At the same time, are you going to pack your huge couch while you go camping? I hope your answer is no and why is that you don’t do that. It is because of its size and weight. Isn’t it? Therefore, it is better to have some foldable lightweight chairs which occupy less space inside the vehicles. Foldable tables are also good enough to occupy less space.

  1. Plastic bottles

Plastics are curses cast on the earth. But, not when you go camping. Indeed, when you set up for camping they are really very helpful tools to hold various liquid items. Apart from holding water, they can very well be used to hold clips, bands, elastics, etc. you can also use DIY plastic bottles keep your small pieces of cloth dry when you hike in a rain forest.

  1. Egg Crates

You don’t have to carry huge egg crates while you go out for camping. You can simply take out all the eggs and just store the stirred eggs in a bottle. Additionally, you can use the egg crates to hold charcoal which is a valuable source of fuel in a drenched forest. Since you use your egg crates to carry the charcoal you don’t have to carry a huge and heavy sack of charcoal to your campsite.

Essential gears for mountaineering

Essential gears for mountaineering

Mountaineering has been an exciting sport for many years in all parts of the world. Apart from sports, mountaineering has also been used for exploring mysterious geological locations. No one can simply carry some rope and start climbing a mountain. You can climb any mountain as per your interest, but before doing that you should learn the basic techniques, knots, traps, and all other stuff before you start. Unlike other sports, mountaineering is a real game in which you compete with natural forces like wind, rocks, weather etc.

If you happen to make even the slightest mistake you may have to regret a lot. So, each step you place on the mountain should be placed with extreme attention and prudence. Conquering the peak of the mountain after a long strain shall provide you with both physical and spiritual contentment. But, to get that satisfaction, you should prepare well before you start to climb the mountain. In this article, I have listed a number of crucial gears which is a mandatory need for a mountaineer to conquer the crown of the mountain. Let’s get started.

  1. Waterproof hiking boots

I know that people wear shoes wherever they go. They wear them when they go for a hike, party, office and so on. But, not all the shoes look the same. They also don’t have a similar infrastructure and material. Mountaineering also requires tough shoes which provide ample support to the feet and also it should provide a good amount of friction to the foot in order to avoid skidding. Of course, it would be ok when you climb dry mountains. What about mountains with ice and snow? To climb such mountains you need tough hiking boots which is not only durable and strong but also it should be a waterproof material.

  1. Wool or synthetic socks

Normal socks would not be fine when you use them on an icy mountain because they get drenched easily by the moisture and your sweat. Moreover, normal socks retain that moisture and sweat thereby mitigating your body temperature gradually. At the same time, they don’t protect your feet from the excruciating weather. So, it is important to find socks which are made up of wool or synthetic material and these socks can keep your feet dry and warm.

  1. Lighter and matches

You cannot simply rely on ordinary matches while you climb a huge mountain. The match heads which is made up of phosphorus becomes wet due to the moisture and so they don’t get ignited. Wrapping matchsticks in a zipper bag are also not going to make any good. So, you have to buy something exceptional igniting gadget like you see in James Bond movies. Go get some specialized matchsticks which are sold especially for the Mountaineers. You should also have lighters and fuel which would be helpful at times of emergency

  1. Gas stove

You are not going to carry a huge gas stove high above the mountains while your expedition. Are you? Now would love to do it. Have a small-sized lightweight gas stove which you can carry for a long distance high above the rocks. The small-sized stove not only offers portability but also helps to cook food faster by resting in a small place. Don’t forget to add the fuel for the stove in your checklist.

  1. Inflatable sleeping pad

While climbing icy mountains, you cannot expect a comfortable bed and cot to sleep. You have to adjust with the minimum space you get there. If you decide to sleep on a rock or on the ground, it means you are ready to kill yourself at such heights. Sleeping on the naked ground sucks your body heat rapidly and soon you will start shivering and finally end up in some sort of illness. Therefore, to keep you healthy and warm, you should keep yourself insulated from the ground. Have an inflatable sleeping pad which would keep you high above the ground because air is a bad conductor of heat and also it is not heavy to carry.

  1. Sleeping bag

It is the most important gear that no mountaineer would forget to carry this life-saving bag with them. Basically, there are two main types of sleeping bags; the down type and the synthetic type. The synthetic type sleeping bag can trap heat to some extent and so they are suitable for cold nights in normal zones.

But, you cannot try it in an environment with extremely cold blizzards. Hence, it is good to use a down type sleeping bag which is made of feathers and so they can trap a good amount of heat while you are on half the way to the pinnacle. Make sure that the zippers close well before you start climbing because failed zippers allow the feather to gather enough moisture inside the sleeping bag.

  1. Four season tent

Although four-season tents are suitable for all the four weather, they are used mostly when people encounter ice and snowy landscapes. Why do you need a four season tent at the top of the mountain? All four season tents can withstand rain, heat, snow, mist etc. As your altitude increase, the amount of sunlight and rainfall shall also increase on a mountain and so it is good to prefer a four season tent to have a peaceful sleep. Make sure that your tent has meshes which can be locked if necessary. With open meshes, you may have to fight a lot with the peering blizzard which attacks your tent somewhere in the middle of the mountain.

  1. Pocket knife & Multi-tools

Even though a pocket knife has nothing great to do with climbing, it is better to have an extra gadget which could be very helpful to you in many ways. It can be helpful to open a tin, to cut a rope, to tighten some bolts and nuts and so on. It can also be used as a weapon which you can use for your personal protection also. It is also important to place your multi-tools somewhere you can access easily at times of distress.

  1. Compass or (GPS)

This is not an ordinary compass which you use in your math class to draw circles. It is a magnetic compass which tells you about the direction of your travel. At such huge heights, you cannot expect that you should have a good line of sight with your co-climbers. That’s not going to work. Sometimes, you might also feel that you are alone. So, learn to climb the mountains with the courage and inner strength that you possess. A compass or a gadget like GPS can be of great help at that time because it tells about the location of you and your co-climbers without any discrepancy.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a part of a perfect outfit but also they are wonderful safety gadgets which are really helpful to all the mountaineers. As you move high, the sunlight gets brighter which makes you shrink your eye. Accompanied by heat, the bright sun reflects on the white snow on the mountains would cause snow blindness. In order to safeguard your eyes from such deadly impacts, it is mandatory to have a safety glass while you head out to reach the pinnacle of the mountain.

  1. First aid kit

Anyone who steps out for an outdoor journey without a first aid kit is not a wise guy. Getting ill can happen at any place and at any time and there is no time confinement to illness. What would you do when you become ill at such heights? It is you who has to look after you. So, take all necessary medications like bandages, scissors, anti-histamines, paracetamol, aspirin, disinfectants, sponge, etc. Even if you have finished several mountaineering projects without requiring a first aid kit, there is nothing wrong in taking this life-saving kit. And the most important point about the first aid kit is “don’t ignore it”.

  1. Chemical heat packs

Generally, heat packs contain chemical constituents which produce a good amount of heat required for your body. Sodium acetate and magnesium sulfate are the prevalently used chemicals which are used to produce heat. These chemicals are normally kept airtight and when you need heat from them just open the packet and let it contact air through the soft fabric.

Now, you can feel the heat from the packet as a result of the exothermic reaction. As you keep climbing, you can neither rub your hands nor can you keep you lighter ON. But, you need to do something to your feet which is gradually getting numb. Yes, as said above you can simply slip in these packets and have dry and warm feet.

  1. Personal locator beacon

A personal locator beacon is a powerful tool which alerts about your distress to the coordination center via satellites. The beacon sends a radio signal when switched ON and the signal is sent to the rescue team to rescue the sender. This tool can also be ranked next to the first aid kit due to the protection and security that the locator beacon endures to the user.

  1. Zipper lock bags

Of course, they are bags which you take with you while you go camping. Well, it can also be used by mountaineers also. As you know, zipper-lock bags can keep things out of moisture and water. There are many items which you need to keep dry while climbing a mountain. Paper documents, electronic gadgets, small clothes, money, tablets etc can be concealed inside a zipper bag to prevent water from spoiling it.

  1. Headlamp

Have you ever heard that darkness encompasses forest faster than urban regions? It is because of the dense canopy of the tree and the clouds which filters the sunlight from entering the forest. Hope Mountains live in the forest regions and due to its high moisture content, vegetation and the weather you would not be able to see anything even before some hours to sunset. At that time, you cannot see anything around you and all you can feel is that you are tied to something. Hence, it is crucial to possess a headlamp to view everything clearly. Don’t opt for Torchlight, unless you have no other option, because holding the torch shall be another issue.

  1. Water bottles

Who doesn’t need a bottle for water? All folks, right from the toddler to adult everyone needs water and mountaineers are not exceptional. They too need water to hydrate them every now and then while they climb huge mountains. Some people use the snows nearby to have water, which is not good at all times. Moreover, it poses a high risk to the mountaineer due to some infection. Boiling the snow is acceptable; collect enough water in your water bottle before you start because you cannot pause for every hour to make water. Having purifying tablets is an additional boon in mountain climbing.

  1. Climbing harness

It is just a sophisticated belt with numerous loops on the waist and two straps one on each thigh. They are reinforced with Velcro and also they can adjust to any diameter. Using this harness you can hang ropes, sunglasses, knives, axes etc all around your waist thereby allowing you to have easy access to these tools. But, before hanging the gadgets, know about the weight and its distribution of tools along with your waist.

  1. Pulley

These cute little simple machines have a great percent of involvement in the protection of the Mountaineers. Pulleys can ease the work of lifting any heavyweights. In mountaineering, the weight to be carried in your own weight and therefore you need to pull yourself up against gravity. To make your job easier, pulleys can do your job with much ease. On account of safety, it is good to have several numbers of pulleys with you while you head out to climb.

  1. Insect repellant

While you head out for mountaineering, you should not only purchase insect repellants by focusing on mosquitoes. There are also so many other accomplices of mosquitoes who play their part in transmitting diseases to humans. As you keep on climbing you can see a lot of arachnids, spiders, ants, leeches, millipedes, centipedes, etc which could be a threat to health. So, you need some special repellant which keeps all the insects away from you. Moreover, you should also know how long will that repellant keep the insects away from you. Most products on the market provide protection for around 6 hours, but the one with 8 hours is good.

  1. Camera

Folks dare to climb a mountain to explore nature and the courage of the self. What is the point of reaching the peak of a mountain without taking a photograph with the clouds and misty environment near you? Try to reach the peak before sunset so that you can capture fantastic pictures of the descending sun beneath the hills. Have a free space memory card and a high clarity camera to picture all the visuals which you see at the top. Who knows? You may see God at such heights.

  1. Binoculars

This is a quite attractive gadget which any person going outdoors shall love to take it along with them. The orange tint in a binocular which reflects the sun and the environment itself can make you feel elite and sophisticated when compared to your co-climbers. Try to see some scenes and creatures which do not exist in the normal ecological system down there at home. Store enough batteries for your binoculars in a waterproof zip locker so that you don’t have to feel disappointed when the battery runs out.

  1. Crampons

Hope I don’t have to say anything about the crampons which you couple with your shoes to make them versatile. But, let me inform others who know less about crampons. They are clawed clips which usually mountaineers fit the shoes to have more friction. The tightly packed ice awards zero friction to a normal shoe; to overcome this issue, shoes are reinforced with clawed crampons which when pressed against a strong ice platform pierces the platform to provide additional grip and friction to the mountaineer.

  1. Ice ax

Nowadays, there are so many axes in the market to provide grip and support to the mountaineer when plunged against an icy wall. Importance should be given to the working over the color and design of the ice ax. Some axes are bent while some other are serrated to provide additional support to the mountaineer. Additionally, look for the ice axes which have ample friction in its handle. I recommend suggesting the handle with adequate size and also it should be reinforced with the loops at the edges which facilitate hanging.

  1. Climbing ropes

Climbing ropes are indispensable gadgets which a mountaineer would never forget to take with him. In fact, he/she can do nothing without a rope. Before buying a new rope it is best to explore the ways it can be tied and gain expertise in it. Practice many knots and hitches using a rope and finally head out to buy your new rope. Basically, there are two types of ropes which include static and dynamic.

Dynamic ropes can hold the weight of the load, but also it stretches to some extent and absorbs a lot of energy thereby reducing the impact on the mountaineer. On the other hand, static ropes can handle the load, but they are not as flexible as the dynamic ropes. So, it is always better to possess a dynamic rope to climb mountains. Also, make sure that the diameter and the length of the rope do not exceed 9.5 mm and 70 meters respectively.

  1. Nutrients

As you climb steep mountains, your hands and legs hurt more. You need to take small breaks every now and then because you burn more calories when you are in cold zones. At the same time, you cannot afford to cook every hour. So, to satisfy your hunger, you should have enough amounts of nutrient bars in your mountaineering backpack. Also, keep it in such a place such that they can be accessed easily. Dried fruits, chocolate bars, banana, burritos, tortillas are really good stuff to power your climb.

  1. Oxygen cylinders

Have you learned in your fifth-grade science that as you move upwards the air gets thinner due to high pressure? Now, it is time for practical learning? You cannot breathe easily out there at such heights as you breathe in a regular landscape. But, you have a solution for this issue. You can carry an oxygen cylinder pack at your back, very much like your hydration pack. But, make sure that you buy an oxygen cylinder with the least weight so that it does not hinder your performance.

  1. Belay device

These are tiny gadgets which seem to have loops, but they are powerful tools which award immense safety to the mountaineer. The ropes run freely through this small device while you ascend up, but descending down from the rope is greatly obstructed by this tool thereby protecting the mountaineer from accident descends and falls.

  1. Carabiners

Carabiners are other simple mountaineering tools, which comes in two forms; the locked gate and the unlocked gate. The locked type carabiners are locked once the rope is put inside the loop of the carabiner. This locked system prevents the accidental escape of the rope outside the loop, thereby providing additional safety to the mountaineer. But, mountaineers should take care in checking the lock of the carabiner frequently. The open gate carabiners have a small spring supported mechanism which opens just by pressing, and so they are used as quick draws.

  1. Map

Although you are climbing a mountain with your co-climbers it is important to all the mountaineers to know about the path and their destination. Stop relying on electronic gadgets to find the way as they become useless once they are devoid of power. Bring a recently updated map with you and place it in a waterproof zipper; also slide it into your backpack such that you can access it easily. This way, even if the gadgets run out of power you can still have a clear idea about your route and destination.

  1. Helmets

We wear helmets while we ride a bicycle to protect our head from accidentals falls. Cycling helmets can absorb a good amount of impact through its foam, but it cannot be used for mountaineering because they are designed to serve some other purpose. Most injuries for mountaineers occur by the falling of rocks on the head of the Mountaineers. With the intention of protecting their head, these helmets are designed with a hard coating which is not an aspect of cycling helmets. Therefore for safety reasons, it is always better to get a mountaineering helmet before you head out for your expedition.

10 Important Tips for Winter Camping


Camping to the nearby campgrounds can be an exquisite and amusing experience to you. But what about winter camping? Do you think winter camping is easier when compared to camping at typical campgrounds? The answer is a big NO. It is the climate and the weather which makes winter camping harder and that’s why most folks don’t invite toddlers and children for winter camping. Unlike a typical green landscape which captures your thoughts, white hills and trees covered with dense snowflakes shall really be eye-catching scenery. In this article, let us discuss some important tips which are crucial for you when you go for winter camping.

  1. Know the weather

Winter camping isn’t that easy like a regular camping and so knowing the weather before you leave your home is very important. Check for the recent storms and the advent of the next storm in the venue of your winter campsite. Also, check for any recent avalanches in that locality before you reach there. Knowing the conditions of the road is also essential.

  1. Appropriate clothing

Nothing can provide you relief in an extremely cold environment like tough comfortable winter clothing. Without them, it is sure that you will freeze to death. Fit and proper thermal innerwear is a mandatory requirement when you set for such great adventures. They can preserve your body heat allowing your sweat to evaporate. Don’t opt for cotton dresses during the winter season because they don’t evaporate your sweat, instead, they get drenched in sweat and gradually reduce your body temperature. Have a good pair of woolen scarf, gloves, and cap to get cover from snows.

  1. Winter equipment

You are not going to walk into the White Mountains with empty hands. Are you? Apart from the cold weather gear which protects your body, you should also have some winter equipment like a tarp, all season tents, sleeping pads etc. Use your tarp to cover, all other items, which lie outside your tent. Ensure whether your tent is in a good condition and it can encounter a tough environment. Sleeping pads can be used as a substitute for a floor on the ice packed mountains which can help you preserve your body temperature.

  1. Warm your sleeping bag

As you know, sleeping bags cannot generate any heat. They can only retain the body heat and for that, they need some time. Till then it is certainly going to be cold inside the sleeping bag. You can just heat a water bottle and throw it inside your sleeping bag 20 minutes before you get to sleep. By the time you are ready to snuggle inside the sleeping bag, it will have a perfect temperature to embrace you.

  1. Firewood

When you plan for a winter camping, it is essential to focus more on your firewood because the only friend who can keep you alive in such an environment is heat. Moreover, you cannot wander in that howling and drenching weather for dry branches and twigs. That will be almost impossible. So, before reaching your spot, collect enough firewood to keep you alive and warm.

  1. Book for entertainment

Winter nights has always been so long compared to days. If you go to bed early during winter, you may have to get up early before the sunrise. So, stay awake in the night till you get tired. You can have some interesting books and novels which you can read sitting inside your tent with a lantern beside you. Remember, you cannot sit under a tarp, in the howling winter nights and shoot at the breeze. Hence, reading books till late night shall be a good idea to kill the time.

  1. Hydrate

Normally, people don’t get thirsty in winter times. But that isn’t true. It means your body is tricked by the AVP hormone to act like that. In reality, you lose a lot of water by sweating, breathing and carrying a lot of clothes on you. The truth is that you don’t realize that and eventually you may end up in dehydration, kidney failure etc. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to drink enough water even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  1. Waterproof boots

No one who gets ready for a winter camping will leave his waterproof shoes behind and without that the entire trip will be impossible. You may have to walk through dense packs of snows and while walking your feet may sink into the snow till your knees. To overcome such difficulties, it is good to have a pair of quality waterproof shoes to keep your feet free from frost bites.

  1. Compass

Yes, it is a simple device which shows the direction. You should learn to use a compass before you go to your winter camping site. Moreover, the requirement of the compass plays a vital role in winter camping than any other kind of camping. As you know, the landscape around your tent can change with the accumulation of snow at any time and most probably this will happen at night. The very next day you won’t find the direction without a compass. Hence, it is crucial to remember the worth of a compass before leaving for your winter campsite.

  1. Flint and steel

Of course, you are not going to leave back your lighters and the chemicals which ignite your campfire. But, you cannot rely on them too much. They may not work properly due to the existing freezing climate. But, a flint and steel shall work better even at such situations thereby allowing you to have a sigh of relief.

Top 10 BEST Portable Solar Panels for RVs

Portable Solar Panels for RVs

Before centuries there was no electric power in this world, and the whole planet had been dark throughout the nights. The interesting part is that people never felt any sort of inability in those days to do any of their daily tasks. But, today situation has changed upside down. There shall be nothing in this world in the absence of electric power. Nothing shall be in existence which includes computers, kitchen gadgets, mobile phones, windmills, electric trains, etc. Imagine a world like that which is completely devoid of power. Feels like you are inside a labyrinth. Isn’t it?

Even after the discovery of the electricity, there were a lot of misconceptions about generating it which resulted in today’s power-saving batteries, windmills, nuclear power stations etc. But all of them are non-renewable energy sources which are at some point in time in the future shall be completely devoid of its resources. In order to overcome such issues, renewable sources of energy should be used to produce electricity. One such energy source is the sun whose light and heat shall always exist. They are used in various large-scale applications to get energy from the sun, but still, it is not a dominant source of power for a common man.

But they are highly reliable and supportive to a common man in some situations like when they go for camping or outdoor adventures. Most folks have a recreational vehicle for traveling to a distant place to enjoy their holidays. Of course, they are going to stay outdoors for more than a week. But how will they get power to run their household gadgets which they have inside the recreational vehicle? If they intend to use the gasoline from their vehicle, returning back home shall become a challenging task. But, they need some sort of power for their domestic purpose in the dense woods. They can carry a portable solar charging device to meet such needs while you are outdoors.

As you know the solar panels convert the sunlight into electrical energy by using the thin silicon film on the solar panel. Basically, there are two types of solar panel which includes poly-crystalline panels and mono-crystalline panels. Each type of the solar panel has its own significant features in delivering power to the user. In this article, I have listed the most recent solar panels which have high demand and trust among the people of various nations.

ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Panel


It is a cute and smart looking solar panel which can produce a power output. As soon as you hear the word, solar panel you would have started to imagine it as a hard aluminum plate with a huge surface area. But that isn’t true. To your astonishment, it is a robust device which can be easily bent to an angle of 30° proving it to be superior to the aluminum and glass modeled solar panels. Due to its bendability, it can be very well installed in the rounded edges of your recreational vehicle without any constraint.

They can also be used in the motor boats, trucks, homes etc. Most folks who used this product find it to be a best to install on the motorhomes. If you have a deep look at the ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Panel you can realize that they are completely mono-crystalline wafers which increase the energy efficiency of the solar panel. Apart from that, this precisely designed solar panel posses a very little weight which is around 4.7 lbs and so the portability offered by this solar panel shall be satisfactory.

Transporting, installation and removal of this solar panel shall also be easy as they possess Velcro at the back to fix them on the substratum of your interest. ALLPOWERS 100W Solar Panel is not only a waterproof panel but also it can withstand the resistance of the wind and snow to a particular extent. Apart from the dynamic construction, the junction box of this exclusive solar panel is also made up of waterproof material which houses all the sensitive components inside it.

Installation of this sheet on the roof of your house shall be really worthy as they provide a good amount of power ranging around 100W. it operates well at the temperature ranging from -40C to 85C and so they are suitable for any type of outdoor environment.

HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel

HQST Polycrystalline Solar Panel

HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel is a skillfully designed solar panel which provides undisturbed power to the user. They are highly stiff and sturdy gadgets in which the solar cells are protected by multiple layers of laminations. The solar cells along with the multiple laminations are protected by a glass template which is outlined by aluminum frames in order to provide adequate reinforcement to the solar panel. Since it is a polycrystalline solar panel you cannot see any silicon wafers in the panel.

Also, the efficiency is also less when compared to the monocrystalline panel. However, these solar panels with polycrystalline cells are budget-friendly gadgets when compared to monocrystalline panels.  As they are strengthened by increased stiffness and rigid body, they can sustain the impacts of heavy rain and hailstorms also. Although HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel can withstand the weight of the snow, it shall be better if you take steps to remove the snow over the panel.

It also possesses pre-drilled holes, bracket mounts, and pole mounts etc. which are helpful in fixing the solar panel on the roof of your recreational vehicle. Since HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel uses aluminum frames, it is evident that they won’t get rusted even after decades of outdoor service. The connectors used in this solar panel belong to MC4 category which makes the connections easy. Drop in the power of the HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel is also greatly minimized by the usage of the diodes in the internal circuitry which is its significance.

Unlike any other solar panels, the internal circuit of this HQST 100 Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel is designed in such way that it can provide better performance even in low- light conditions. Hence, this solar panel shall suit you the best, when you are traveling to a cloud environment.

Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Renogy Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel

Renogy has always been an outstanding firm which focuses on the manufacture of standard solar panels to provide complete satisfaction to the customer. One such product by Renogy is the Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel which provides power around 500W hours per day. The size of the solar panel is not beyond the handling limits of the customer, but it possesses ample size which is very much enough to give adequate power to your recreational vehicle not for hours but for days. By using this extraordinary gadget, you can get complete contentment during your outdoor explorations.

Apart from the size, the Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel is also supported with the strong aluminum frame which bounds the perimeter of the solar panel. Since the material used here is aluminum; there is no reason for the frame to get rusted even when exposed to sun and rain for a long time and therefore the durability of your solar panel is high. Even though there are various difficulties in installing the solar panel, the primary difficulty is the weights of the solar panel which press you down while you lift it up. As you know, aluminum due to its limited weight supports you very much in lifting it on the canopy of your recreational vehicle.

This dynamic and productive device can also withstand heavy loads of snows which showers during the winter season. You don’t have to go over the roof to clean up the snows often. But snow can also reduce the amount of light falling on the solar panel. In order to reduce that discrepancy, you can remove it when your panel becomes less productive. The type of this solar panel is a polycrystalline one, and so they are very must cost efficient to the user.  The junction box of the Renogy 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel is very compact and meticulously designed such that they are immune to the entry of water inside it. Hence the system shall fit well with the rainy environment as well.

SUAOKI 150W Solar Panel

SUAOKI Solar Panel

SUAOKI 150W Solar Panel is a precisely designed solar panel which works efficiently with the DF technology and off-grid solar power system. It is very similar to the ALL powers solar panel discussed above, but when you look into the construction, and circuitry of the solar panel, SUAOKI 150W Solar Panel is quite different from the other one. The thick film which generates power is reinforced by sandwiching it between the multiples layers of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) and Polyethylene terephthalate(PET). Don’t panic on seeing such chemical terms.

I see your face turn pale when you read the previous line. Don’t panic. I will explain it with more dilution. EVA is a sheet which is used to encapsulate all the photovoltaic cells in the solar panel and it looks very much like a translucent tissue paper. They help the photovoltaic cells to stick to its position without getting disturbed and this done through lamination. The next layer is the PET layer which is a common plastic sheet which bestows high clarity, scratch resistant, good looks, humidity resistance etc. the entire solar sheet can be bend to an arc of 30 degrees and so they are suitable to be fixed at any curved surface of your recreational vehicle, boats, cars, trucks or automobiles of any kind.

Also, the sides of the sheet are bolstered with predefined holes which do not get corroded. The solar cells in the SUAOKI 150W Solar Panel are fabricated in such a way that they can produce a power of 900 W and so they are very much suitable for all the extra large recreational vehicles which have higher power hunger when compared to small recreational vehicles SUAOKI 150W Solar Panel can not only installed on recreational vehicles but also they can be used by any hiker while they go stay alone in tents. Even though, they are connected to the battery with MC4 cable, due to their tenderness they cannot without heavy loads and downpour. So, appropriate care should be taken when there is a change in the environment.

Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel

Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel

Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel stands superior to all other solar panels with its dexterous design. It has a sturdy frame which is made up of aluminum which keeps your panel strong without any damage. The glass coating on the top of the solar panel reflects a high amount of UV light and so the entry of UV radiation inside the solar cell is greatly reduced. The mounts required for the installation of this solar panel on your recreation vehicles are provided along with the product.

The solar charge controller which controls the voltage and ampere from the solar panel is reinforced with the LCD display which informs the user about the power generation from the solar panel. This compact solar charger supports 4 such solar panels to be compatible with a 12 V system and it can also support 8 panels to be compatible with a 24 V system. Since it generates only 100W they cannot be used for large recreational vehicles.

If you prefer the Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel for your large vehicle, then you have to increase the number of solar panels you buy. Therefore, if you go with the Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel please check the area on your recreation vehicle for the accommodation of the panels before you decide your purchase. The cable which is used in the Windy Nation 100 Watt Solar Panel is around 40 feet long and so you can install the solar panel high above the ground or at a particular distance from the battery.

The solar power charge is also supported by a heat sensor which can sense the heat of the battery due to the storage of charge. The charge stored in the battery is always in the form of DC. But, for the operation of home appliances you need AC and to convert this DC to AC you can simply use an inverter to do that job.

ECO-WORTHY 120 Watts Solar Panel

ECO-WORTHY 120 Watts Solar Panel

ECO-WORTHY 120 Watts Solar Panel is a special type of solar panel which is designed with the portability aspect in mind. The cool foldable design of the solar panel can attract any customer who enters the store to fetch a solar panel. Since the framework is made up of aluminum, the weight of the solar panel as a whole has less weight and so lifting and moving the solar panel shall not be an issue.

There are also latches associated with the aluminum frame which can keep your solar panel locked like a regular suitcase. The handle of the ECO-WORTHY 120 Watts Solar Panel is styled by a strong handle at the middle, which makes you easy to carry the solar panel. Apart from that, the aluminum frame is also bolstered by the additional legs which can keep your solar panel inclined to get adequate light from the sun. This kickstand legs in this reputed model of the solar panel help the solar panel to withstand the heavy winds and snowfall.

Note that, the solar panel is very much inclined and so snow will slide down from the plane regardless of the support of the user. Hence the amount of sunlight falling on the solar panel is not disturbed. The ECO-WORTHY 120 Watts Solar belongs to polycrystalline type also so they are budget friendly devices which can provide unquestionable support to the user. Each part of the suitcase produces 60W; there are two parts of in this solar panel and together they produce 120W.

The cable for the required connections is provided along with the kit which is of length 10 feet which allows the user to place the solar panel at a particular distance away from the battery. Unfortunately, to be used for some types of recreational vehicles you have to hunt for additional molds and frames, but they good when you go hunting, camping, etc.

ACO POWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit

ACOPOWER 100W Portable Solar Panel

ACOPOWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is a dynamic device which has been created with absolute excellence and prudence. It is a solar kit which has been modeled into a form of a suitcase. The aluminum is coated with a black coat to reduce the reflection from the sun. As they show up in the form of a suitcase, it comprises two folds; each fold produces a power of 50 W. Adding the power from both the folds, you can get a total power of 100 W.

ACOPOWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is also strengthened with the latches and handle which helps to maintain the solar panel kit like a suitcase. The corners of the suitcase are supported by the plastic molds when helps the aluminum frame from getting damaged at is corners. Astonishingly, ACO POWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is made up of monocrystalline wafers which certainly increase the power and efficiency of the system. The solar charger controller and such other delicate electrical circuits are available at the back of the solar panel.

Therefore they are highly protected from the undesirable weather conditions. Moreover, the solar charge controller is also made up of waterproof material which is an extra reinforcement to this versatile equipment. The size of the suitcase folds is also limited in such a way that the user can carry it anywhere with much ease. The cable which connects the solar charger and the panel is reinforced with special plugs called Anderson plugs which hold the wire tight and secured.

The aluminum frame also contains a pair of supportive legs at its back to position the solar panel in its place. Using the provided legs you can keep your solar panel tilted at a particular angle to the light of the sun which helps in increasing the efficiency of the system. The connections with the battery can be provided with the help of alligator clips and so you don’t have to feel irritated by using ordinary clamps when you fix your system in an unusual environment.  ACOPOWER 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is also supported by an aesthetic protective cover which preserves the solar panel from accumulating dust and dirt over the plane of the solar panel.

Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit

Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit

Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit is a cute little device which provides ample contentment to the user. Due to the reduced power rating, the Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit cannot support extra large trailers and recreation vehicles. But they can support small trailers and small recreational vehicles efficiently. In other words, they work well for nuclear families that require low power. Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit is supported with the aluminum frames at its sides to keep them protected from accidental strikes.

They also help to keep the solar cells and its sandwiched layers in place. Also due to its comfortable size, the Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit can be fixed at any side of the recreational vehicle. Fixing on the top shall be better, as there shall be limited disturbances and shade at the top of the vehicle. At the back of the panel, you can see extra frames to keep the folding solar kit in place. The most significant feature of the Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit is that they are made of monocrystalline silicon wafers and so they have good energy efficiency.

Also, these solar panels when installed can produce the required power even when the weather is bad with the clouds, rain, and snow. The corners are supported with the plastic molds which support the frame from getting damaged. An attractive handle is also used on the aluminum frames which help in easy portability.  The solar charger in the Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit is compatible up to 10 amperes and so, powering a small trail van shall be nothing short of adequacy.

The cable used for connecting the solar panel and the solar charger is reinforced with the Anderson plugs which provide exact transfer of power to the charger without any loss. The wires which interact with the batteries are supported by alligator clips which make the connection easy. As a whole Go Power80W Portable Folding Solar Kit is housed inside a refined and decorative bag which protects the kit from severe knocks.

Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit

Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit

Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit is an extensively used solar panel all over developed countries. Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit is a solar panel which comes is a hefty size to satisfy the power requirement of the customer. Like any other solar panel, the Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit has also a frame with aluminum along the perimeter of the solar panel. The width of the aluminum used in the solar panel is high when compared to any other solar panel mentioned in this list thereby adding to the strength of the solar panel.

The corners of the aluminum frame are strengthened with the aluminum studs to keep the construction without getting disfigured. Also, the plastic used in the Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit is a material of high standard which can survive the heat caused by the sunlight too. Moreover, it is fashioned in the form of a suitcase and hence it possesses two folds. The plane of each fold contains a sheet of the photovoltaic cell which is arranged in the mono-crystalline pattern. So, the energy efficiency of the solar polar is high such that, it can even generate the required power even when it is exposed to diminished sunlight.

Hence, they are very much suitable for any type of climate or weather. You can even go to a dense forest where you don’t even get a good amount of sunlight due to the natural canopy formed by the leaves and branches of the grooves. There are also latches along the lateral side of the aluminum frame which helps the user to lock the suitcase without any lapse. The aluminum legs at the back support the user to keep the device in position without getting stumbled.

Although it can be laid flat on the ground when you install on the recreational vehicle, it is better to fix it with appropriate inclination to get better results. Also, the latch used for folding the suitcase is made up standard quality which helps in the efficient folding of the suitcase without the occurrence of any rust and ruins. Additionally, the Zamp Solar 120P Charge Kit can produce 30 amps per day which are compatible with the 6 V or the 12 V battery systems. You are also provided with the screws, bolts, and clips which are required to install the solar panel in a place of your request.

KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel

KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel

KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel is an agile and high energy conserving solar panel which focuses on the better performance even in low light conditions. Using this solar panel you can go for an outdoor camping even to regions with a cloudy atmosphere. The structure and the appearance of this solar panel seem to be very attractive due to the neatly arranged mono-crystalline wafers. The polycrystalline cells have their efficiency slightly lower than the mono-crystalline cells as they are manufactured by fusing different silicon crystals.

Also, the KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel is layered with the high quality tempered glass which keeps the inner layer of the panel safe and secured. We know that the power is generated by the amount of sunlight which falls on the polycrystalline cells. But, it is not the same in all types of solar panels. Most of the glasses used in the solar panel reflect a good percentage of light in all directions and only the remaining percent of light enters the photovoltaic cells to supply the power.

But in KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel the outer surface is enveloped with a high-quality tempered glass which has 93% percent of transmittance. Now, we need to know what transmittance is. It is the ratio of the light entering an object to the amount of light transmitted through it. The outer frame is made up of strong and durable aluminum which keeps the inner delicate items protected. The solar charger used in the KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel has high standard calibrated in the PWM technology and therefore the transfer of power from the solar panel to the battery is efficient.

The high strength and durability of the KOMAES 100 Watts Solar Panel allow it to withstand the high loads produced by the wind and the snow which gets loaded on the plane of the panel. The predrilled holes in the outer periphery of the aluminum frame make the installation of aluminum frame easy. There are also holes which are meant for draining the water and snows. The cables used in this solar panel are of 20 feet in length which allows the user to have surplus distance between the solar panel and the battery.

Bottom line

Hope from the above explanations you have accrued enough knowledge about the technology, performance, power efficiency, and factors associated with it. We have done long-term researches to scrutinize a series of products and the products mentioned above proves to be worthy to any user in all aspects. Just because to list out ten items we have just jotted down one by one and that doesn’t mean that the bottom-most product which ranks tenth is an inferior product. Any random pick from the above list is one of the best products which can give ample contentment and satisfaction. So, we recommend you to select any product which not only keeps your heads high but also it can serve as a reward to you.

What you must avoid doing on a camping trip


Setting out from your home to some other place to enjoy your holidays shall be really a joyful experience for anyone. An experienced camper always follows all the camping rules when he is accompanied by his fellow campers. But, when it comes to beginners things aren’t the same. Most of the beginners tend to violate most of the camping rules regardless of the harm that it would bring to them. This article contains brief information about what not to do at a campsite in order to make your camp a great success.

  1. Respect nature and wildlife

The predominant mistake that most you do at your campsite is littering. You take a lot of plastic zip lockers, aluminum cans, trash bags, plastic containers, straws, polythene bags etc. But when you return from the campsite you don’t want to carry extra weight which is absolutely useless and finally, you dump it somewhere near your campsite. This is unfair. There is a great possibility for your wastes to be consumed by innocent domestic creatures and end in death.

For example, the chewing gum which you spit out is often mistaken to be a worm for a sparrow. The gum chokes the throat of the sparrow and finally kills it. Remember, all these happened just because of your negligence on the wildlife. So, it shall be appreciated if you don’t leave any litters behind in your camping ground which is a nuisance not only for the wildlife but also for the next person who comes to that camping ground.

  1. Arriving after sunset

Most folks like to have a small walk along the road near their campsite and explore the scenarios on their path. They don’t care much about the time. Not all of your travel at the same speed. Some can hike faster, whereas some other walks slower. This habit is not good while you are in a new environment. It is the responsibility of each one of you to watch each other’s back. Fast hikers should try to walk little slower and slow walkers should learn to match with the speed of other persons in the camp.

Apart from that, constructing a camp after the nightfall shall make you really mad. You may not have time to explore the parts of your tent to have them fixed and finally, you will accuse your co-hikers, family, and friends of arriving late. Such late arrivals can greatly hinder the joy in having a good sleep after having a hot cup of chocolate by sitting next to the campfire. Therefore, it is good to arrive at your campsite before the estimated time, so that you can have ample ambient light to construct your tent.

  1. Consider your next door camper

You know that you are not the only one person who camps by any site. Of course, you have been lodging there for your relaxation and happiness. There are also other folks who have arrived there to enjoy their holidays. Have some respect for them by showing some sort of adaption towards them. Stop playing your radio at a high volume at the late night which annoys your neighbor. It is also better to stay away from shouting and howling in the middle of the night. If you happen to do any of these which affects the person in your next tent, express your apology to them politely. It would be better if you express your apology with some freshly baked hot cookies.

  1. Perfumes

Most of you have a great affinity towards perfumes, which are available in different flavors. But, they don’t suit you well at your camping ground like your city dwelling.  Remember, bears have surprising sniffing capabilities to scents with which they can invade your campsite. So, stay away from wearing anything smelly which attracts bears, monkeys, and other animals. Not only perfumes, it is also good to store your food in an airtight container which does not spread any smell to those hairy invaders.

  1. Nice clothing and jewellery

Of course, you are going outdoors for camping at a new site. But, ask you this question? Are you going for some interview where your personality and looks are important to worry about? No. Isn’t it? You don’t have to bring costly garments and suits to a campsite as it is of no use there. Instead, wearing a suit at the campsite shall picture you like a buffoon.

Not only suits, you should also stay away from wearing costly jewellery. What is the point of wearing it when there is no one to look at it? Moreover, thefts can also be more prevalent in such places about which you are completely unfamiliar. Therefore, it is good for anyone to refrain from bringing any sort of expensive garments and jewellery to the campground.

How to Stay Warm during your Great Outdoor camping trip


Leaving out for a camping trip is always a happy moment for anyone. In order to experience prolonged happiness, you have to make flawless preparations. You can visit a campsite in your recreational vehicle, but always staying in the recreational vehicle with your family does not make too much difference from your daily sleep at home.

When you go to a new campsite, staying in a tent with that environment makes you feel more intimate to nature unlike staying in your recreational vehicle. Although, staying in a tent can bring you close to nature, sleeping in a tent is not as easy as you do in your recreational vehicle. It is crucial to keep you away from the wicked tongues of chilling weather in that environment and for that, you need to know some basic tips which are clearly listed in this article. Have a glance at it to grasp more information.

  1. Have your base layers

True to their name, base layers snug close to the layer of your skin in order to keep your body hot. Although, your body produces some heat, due to dense cold winds which pass by you takes away all the heat from your body leaving you cold and freezing. Base layers help in forming a thin layer of heat all over the body and therefore plays a vital role in sustaining the heat in your body. Usually, base layers are made up of polyesters or its blends and so they have high breathability which also allows the sweat to escape easily leaving your body dry. Note that, comparing to polyester base layers, woolen base layers can provide you a good amount of heat.

  1. Eat high fat and protein

Reconsidering your diet is also essential when you get ready to fight really cold environments. Usually, nutrition experts convey messages that high-fat content is not good for your health. But when you encounter strong chilling weather, you have to consume high-fat material. You know that carbohydrates are essential to convert the fuel to food quickly but in cold weather, they get burnt easily which can result in the increase in hunger. To avoid this issue, you can consume high fats and proteins in your diet because fats burn slowly in the cold atmosphere and keep you stable for a long time.

  1. Hot non-caffeinated beverages

Keeping your hydrated in the cold environment is very important in order to avoid issues like hypothermia. Usually, you won’t feel thirsty in a cold environment, but still, it is your responsibility to keep you hydrated. Folks think that they don’t feel thirsty because they don’t lose water from their body but they are wrong. You might have seen water vapour and smoke coming out from your body in a really cold environment and what do you guess them to be? It is a form of water. In order to equalize the loss of water from your body don’t try to take hot caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. The can really dehydrate more water from your body at cold temperatures. Pick hot water with honey and lemon, hot chocolate etc to keep you warm.

  1. Sleeping bags

There is no big nightmare to a person who has an impaired cold weather gear in the middle of a freezing night. Take time in selecting your sleeping bag keeping the venue and the weather of your campsite in your mind. Basically, there are two main types of sleeping bags, namely down-filled sleeping bags and synthetic type sleeping bags. The down types are made up of feathers of duck or goose. They form an excellent insulation layer which traps more heat emanating from your body.

Down filled sleeping bags have less weight and so they can be compressed easily, but when drenched they are completely useless and they don’t trap heat anymore until they dry completely. On the other hand, the synthetic sleeping bags can retain your body heat even when they are drenched, but they don’t get compressed easily like a down-filled sleeping bag and so they heavier than a down filled sleeping bag. You can also consider installing a good foam pad at the base of the sleeping bag in order to provide additional warmth and insulation from the cold atmosphere.

7 Tips to follow when camping with your dog


Moving out of your house for a new campground is always a wonderful experience for you and your kids. But, have you ever felt sorry for your pet that is not able to accompany you. For sure, most of you must have left your pet at home with a heavy heart. It is fine to take your pet with you to the camping ground, but make sure that your dog is very obedient to you in a new zone. Here are few tips which you need to scroll through before you take your dog to the campground along with you.

  1. Check whether your pet is allowed

Before you plan your campsite, the first job that you need to do is to check with the guardians in the campground whether their campground welcomes your pet. Of course, that facility is banned in most of the busy campgrounds where a lot of people move around. If your pooch is allowed then it is ok, otherwise, you can find campgrounds in some undeveloped areas where your dog is welcome.

  1. Pay a pre-trip Vet visit

It is certainly a good idea to pay a pre-trip visit to your veterinarian just to make sure that your pet is ok to accompany you. Usually, officials check for rabies and its associated vaccinations for the dogs in campgrounds where dogs are permitted. Impart vaccinations to your dog and have the associated documents which you may need to show to the officials at the campground. Hence, sorting out such important papers before you reach the campground is crucial.

  1. Basic needs

Like humans dogs also have their basic needs which involve food and shelter.  Take sufficient amount of food for your dog in a good quantity, before setting out of your home. Also, you also need to carry about its shelter. You can also allot a place for him to stay with you in your tent to keep him warm. If your dog is crate trained, then it is ok to take your crate with you. Don’t leave your dog alone in a small tent, as there is a huge possibility for them to claw their way out. You can also take his favorite chewy toy with you in order to provide your dog with satisfaction.

  1. Keep away from wildlife

Usually dogs bark when it encounters something unusual. One should know how to control his dog with commands when his dog barks for trivial reasons. Otherwise, you may have to earn the wrath of your fellow campers. People like to see the birds chirping and the deer’s running in the meadow, but when dogs come across this scenery they start to bark. Such barks can invite strange wild animals into the campsite resulting in a chaos at a campsite. Therefore, keeping your dog silent is the best idea while you roam about in the campground.

  1. Check for foxtails, thorns, ticks

You might be accustomed to a habit of taking your dog with you for a regular exercise. Once you finish your exercise, it is better to check your dog for thorns, foxtails, and ticks all over its body. Failure to diagnose his body can also be an impending threat to your pet. If you find ticks in your pet’s body, make sure you use your dog’s first aid kit to get rid of them.

  1. Don’t forget your dog’s poop bag

Although everyone has a soft corner for a cute looking dog, they don’t take it easy when they happen to find a dog poop in the campground. You may also earn the wrath of the people for your dog’s misbehavior. Moreover, the poop of your dog can also attract wild animals to the campsite which puts the lives of all the campers in danger. So, it is a mandatory requirement for you to have poop bags for your dogs when you enter any campground.

  1. Don’t leave your dog unattended

This is one of the most important issues commonly faced in all the campsites. Folks tie the dogs to a tree or some stable article as a punishment for their disobedient behavior. When tied they shout loud which can annoy your neighbors greatly. Apart from that, the sound made by your dog can also invite wild animals to the campsite. So, it is important for the owners refrain from leaving their pet unattended under any circumstance.

How to Sleep Better during Camping


Camping provides you sound amusement and pleasure but in order to experience that happiness, you should prepare well before leaving your home. Prepare a checklist before some days of your departure; doing so will reduce your stress while devising a final plan. You may face troubles and perform achievements while you wander in and around the campsite during the daytime. But after such an achievement, you need some rest at the night to get ready for the next day.

Not all the folks possess the same mode of sleep. Some people won’t even get up from their bed, even if they sense impending danger like a lightning strike. On the other hand, some people are very sensitive and they get up even if they hear a gentle sound. So sleeping at night at your campsite shall be a different experience and unique for all of you. In this article, I have mentioned some tips to get better sleep while you are resting on a campsite.

  1. The sound of a rill

It is a quite cheerful and delightful experience to camp at a grassland from where you can see the dawn and dusk scattered with clouds of vibrant colors and hear a rippling sound of a small stream which runs in that vicinity. Although this natural landscape provides you ample happiness at daytime, it shall be a real nightmare at night. The silent dark night which devours the full moon along with the sound of the flowing creek shall make you feel creepy. This intention can interrupt your sleep greatly and so it is good enough to have a pair of earplugs which can keep you from hearing such hindering noise.

  1. Comfy spot

It is essential to fix the spot where you are about to build your tent in an extremely strange site. Try not to build tents on a sloppy surface as there is a huge possibility for the winds to push the rocks and bushes towards your tent. Also, staying in between the trees and at lower elevation can also be dangerous. It is always better to fix your tent on a flat surface which is strengthened by natural barriers.

  1. Sleeping bag

You know there is a large difference between a blanket and a sleeping bag. There is nothing irritating like a deflated sleeping bag at the middle of a freezing night. Examine your sleeping bag before you snuggle inside and if you find any deformity in it seal it with the duct tape in order to prevent the entry of cold air into the sleeping bag. You can also add memory foams inside the sleeping bag for proper cushioning.

  1. Warm your bag

Sleeping bags can only retain your body heat and to your information, they don’t generate heat. Since your sleeping bag sits idle throughout the day there is no way for it to get heated. When you just step inside your sleeping bag you can feel cold. How are you going to sleep in a cold bag? Fear not, just heat some water and pour it in heat resistant bottles. Let it cool for some time. Then throw them inside the bag 30 minutes before you go to sleep. By doing so, you can get a warm and peaceful sleep when you snuggle inside the sleeping bag.

  1. Choosing your sleeping bag

There are sleeping bags which are available in various models from various reputed organizations. Pick the appropriate sleeping bag which suits your requirement. Do not pick the sleeping bag which is fabricated for arid zones, when you go to a dense forest. You will never sleep in your sleeping bag at that environment because of sweat. If you think your sleeping bag shall be cool then you can use warming layers to keep you warm.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are real enemies at night at your campsite. You cannot simply take chance with mosquitoes as it will end up with the deterioration of your health. Also, you will have to pat all over your body to mitigate the itch caused by its bite. Use a mild coat of mosquito repellent solution just for a cause. Also, seal the holes in your tent and enclose your tent with the mosquito netting to get rid of those annoying insects.

  1. No chocolates

Having a steaming cup of a drink and sitting around the campfire and composing some music or reciting anecdotes shall be an interesting event at a campsite. But there are several food items like French fries, chocolates, citrus, alcohol, spice etc which should not be eaten at night as they always hinder your sleep. It is good to have a cup of chamomile tea, which is considered to be a mild tranquilizer which induces you to sleep.

  1. Flashlights

Even your friend cannot be your accomplice like torchlight when you are camping at unfamiliar sites. Anything may happen at the dark hours of the night in such an environment. It is better to have a torchlight at your reach before you sleep, which is some sort of precaution to explore outside the tent even if you have not planned to go out at the middle of the night. By doing so, you can gain adequate determination before you sleep.

  1. Check out your bathroom spot

It is good to stay away from fixing your bathroom spot in the middle the night in a peculiar location. You are certainly unaware of the threats in a newly selected place at night. Instead, you can fix a spot some hours before you go to sleep when there is enough ambient light.

The Top 10 Best Camping Water Filters [2018]


Camping is a fun and an enjoyable activity which gives an opportunity to stay with nature. We researched over 50 different models before getting the top 10 Best Camping Water Filters to help you find the best choice.

Camping for an outdoor trip will come with a lot of dangers so you must have a best water filter and purifier in your backpack to avoid digestive problems from your drinking water.

Keeping an adequate water filter in a backpack is essential for every camper or a hiker. Water filters are best to eliminate bacteria or other dangerous organisms from drinking water.

You can also use this filter at home to avoid chemicals, metals and reduce the odor. For outdoor use, you must find the most compact water filter system that uses active charcoal filters with UV light for offering you the pure drinking water.

It is an effective method to filter the water, just connect a hose to the water bottle and gently pump the water into the bottle producing a good pump will give a high flow rate. It can also be used to purify and store water for later use without re-contamination.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Premium Pick- LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw water filter is the best camping aqua filter for those who like to spend their time in nature. This model is capable of cleaning a lot of water in a short amount of time making it suitable for small to medium groups.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter System

Budget Pick- Sawyer Mini Water Filter System

The Sawyer water filtration system is best to buy for those who enjoy camping, hiking, and travelling. The filter is very durable and it doesn’t cost too much. This water filter is extremely efficient and produces fresh water.

10 Best Camping Water Filters
Product Name
Our Rating
View On Amazon
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
5 Stars (5 / 5)
Sawyer Mini Water Filter System
5 Stars (5 / 5)
Survivor Filter PRO Water Filter System
4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)
Katadyn Vario Water Filter
4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)
Aquamira Water Treatment Drops
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
Platypus Gravity Works 4L Filter
4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
SteriPen Ultra Classic Water Purifier
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
MSR Guardian Water Purifier Pumps
4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
MSR TrailShot Water Filter
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter
4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

#1-LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw water filter is one of the great purifying techniques for those who love to spend their time in nature; it uses the gravity filter to keep the water clean. This filtering technique can be able to clean a lot of water within a short time; it is feasibly constructed with a lightweight material so it is portable which an excellent idea is also for day hikers as well as backpackers.


The LifeStraw water filter uses an extremely advanced hollow fiber technology which is the most effective way of filtering the water purely without any chemicals. It is the best Ultralight backpacking water filter to carry all around.

It provides an easy way to drink the water; you can just place one end directly to the water source and drink from another end.

Excellent purifier

If you need to drink water, take off the device from the water source and blow it out for adequate cleaning if you are planning outdoor camping during the cold season then make sure that your water filter is dry; otherwise, it can cause severe damages. The straw within the purifier can kill all the bacteria and disease-causing viruses it can filter up to 1000 liters of water in a day.

Good to carry

It is the best choice to enjoy your camping, backpacking or traveling, it is also a good emergency kit which can save your life in any unpredictable situations.

If you feel like something has blocked your water filter just blow it once and then continue drinking, if the water is very dirty do this for some time so you can get a clean and purified water source.

You can just wear it around your neck to provide a constant support so that it will be comfortable for you to drink the water wherever you go for camping.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

#2-Sawyer Mini Water Filter System

The Sawyer mini water filter system is the most compact water filtering technique so it adds additional comfort for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities. It is an amazing purifying system which can kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungus, and viruses that are present in water. 

Highly durable

It looks very small but gives an efficient performance and it is highly durable, which can clean up to10, 000 gallons of dirty water in a day. If you need the best backpacking water filter then Sawyer water purifier will be the great choice.


This water filter is designed with a U-shape hollow fiber that can easily filter the unclean water to a pure drinking water and avoids the possibility of water contamination. It can be frequently cleaned and reused so there will not be any chances to replace the filters with an expensive cartridge.

The Mini water filter can be placed on soda water bottles; it also has a water pouch and straw to drink the water efficiently from the water source.

Easy to filter

When you go for a long time travel or camp just fill the pouch with water, then place the filter on to the pouch, and drink directly from the water filter or squeeze it into the water bottle.

The adapter used in this filter is too small and versatile which you can easily attach with the water bottles, water pouches to enhance the quality of drinking water. 


The filter is completely covered with a hollow fiber technology and its weight is just 3 ounces. The small filter inside the bottle can easily fit into your hand and attaches to your mouth and a 7-inch straw are also used for drinking the water from the nearby lake or stream.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter System

#3-Survivor Filter PRO

This water filter is small and compact that can easily remove all the contaminants in the water. It is the best and efficient way to filter the water by using this kind of simple and portable water filter. It is designed with a pump action filter so you can filter more than 10000 gallons of water in a single day, it will operate very faster.

Kills all the contaminants

It can remove all the bacteria and viruses which are above 0.1 microns; this filter comes with an ultra-fine primary inlet filter which has the capacity to clean the contaminated water into pure water. One of the best camping water filter pumps is this Survivor Filter PRO.

Durable and reliable

The carbon filter placed inside the water purifier is reliable, durable and cheap to replace; it can adequately remove all the chemicals and heavy metals from the water.

It is an effective method to reduce the disease-causing pollutants from the water and gives a good taste for you. It has 1 to 1.5 inches of size and fits directly to the ultra filter module that is inside the filter unit.

Produces fresh water

The final stage of filtering technique is the internal ultra filter that removes above 0.01 microns and blocks the contaminants from reaching the carbon filter, it has a small tube which must be fully inserted into the water. This filter can produce 17 ounces of fresh water per minute, with a good flow rate.

Survivor Filter PRO

#4-Katadyn Vario Water Filter

The Katadyn Vario water filter is one of the best water drinking systems and it is also adjustable for various conditions to provide a maximum output. It can last for a long life and gives a fast flow of water; it is designed with a lot of efficiencies and simple handling.

It is lightweight as well as portable which can be effectively used with dirty or cloudy water. You can carry the Katadyn pocket water filter whenever you go for a camp because it gives the fresh water.

Removes the pollutants easily

The Vario filter uses various types of filtering techniques; the glass fiber filter can be used to remove the pollutants from the contaminated water and the ceramic filter can be used if the water is very cloudy and it can be adjusted according to the cloudiness in the water.

Ultra backpack filter

It is designed with an amazing pre-filter at the outlet which can filter up to 150 microns, and it removes a large number of contaminants before they reach the main ultra-filter to enhance the good quality and lifespan.

You can get one liter of purified water per minute, which is fully shielded with an ABS plastic for providing a constant water purification mechanism.

Comfortable to fit

The Vario can be used at any condition which is constructed by a dual piston technology for offering the high level of output with minimum effort. It is very small to fit comfortably in your backpack.

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

#5-Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

The Aquamira Water Treatment Drops is an effective method to kill all the bacteria that can increase the taste of water and it is very easy to use. You can just pour a single drop over the contaminated water to have a better taste and safe to drink.

If you store the water for a long time, it may produce a bad odor and gives a bad taste so you can use this drops to drink the fresh water. 

Works perfectly

If you have mixed the drops into the water then wait for some time for the solution to work, which kills the bacteria and viruses from the cloudy water. These drops will work perfectly in muddy, clear, warm as well as cold water and gives a good experience while you go for a camping, hiking or backpacking.


It can clear up to 10 gallons of water per minute; it is extremely cost-effective and lightweight. This one is the best portable water purifier which fits comfortably within your small backpack.

Highly Efficient

This solution can purify 30 gallons of water with just 2 ounces of liquid chlorine. Every Aquamira purifier comes with part A and part B so you must mix it together before drinking the water. Use seven drops per liter in part A and part B wait for a while for a good blend which turns the color of the water to yellow.

The most powerful chlorine dioxide is used to kill the bacteria and viruses which will not be present in other purifiers.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

#6-Platypus Gravity Works 4L

If you are camping for a long time with a lot of people, a platypus gravity filter will be the most efficient water filter; it can hold up to 4 liters of water and removes all the harmful bacteria and protozoa from the contaminated water.

Best filtration technique

You can just fill the water and connect it with a hose of the filter and hang it, so you will get pure water within 2.5 minutes, it has the capacity to clean 1500 liters per day. It is the best water filter that works efficiently in any type of water and produces a fresh clean drinking water for you.

Simple to purify

It can be perfectly suitable for a large group of people or if you want to drink a lot of water at a time, you need not pump or squeeze the filters, it is very simple and effective to purify the water.

It is very small in size as well as storage but provides a maximum output. It is designed with an extraordinary durability; the bags are made of plastic so it can be adaptable even in rugged situations.

It is very essential to back flush the system to provide a constant flow of water; it is constructed with a hollow fiber for offering the fast and effective flow of water.

Offers tasty water to drink

You can hold the dirty water bag in one hand and clean purified water in other hands for getting the good flow and tasty water. It is very easy to collect the water simply open the top and pour the water into it and close the zip. It offers the tasty and clean water using these micro filters.

Platypus Gravity Works 4L

#7-SteriPen Ultra Classic Water Purifier

The SteriPen Ultra classic water purifier uses an advanced ultraviolet light to kill the deadly microorganisms like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. It is the great UV water purifier camping technique to get the fresh drinking water.

Best water purifier

It is one of the best water purifiers to clean the cloudy and muddy water into a well-purified drinking water. The purification process can be less than 4 ounces per unit and it takes one hour to filter one liter of water.

Use of Detectable sensor

This water filter is very easy to hold and handle, just place the SteriPen into the water and shake until the green light flashes on your bottle. It comes with a detectable sensor so the UV radiation can help to identify the unpurified water, so you can easily distill the water and drink safely.

The size of this filter is very small and easy to pack for camping or hiking. The UV light kills all the pollutants and germs from the water, it is also possible to charge the filter from computer, wall or USB cable.

Simple to use

This purifier is very simple to use, you can just open the top nozzle and gently press the button and leave it for 90 seconds to get the fresh water, no need to pump or swirl just hang the bottle for a while.

If you have stored water for a long time it will produce a bad feeling when you tempted to drink it so stir the SteriPen in the water for 48 seconds, if it shows a smiley indication on the exterior part of the filter then the water is in good condition.

SteriPen Ultra Classic Water Purifier

#8-MSR Guardian Purifier Pumps

The MSR purifier pumps are the best water filter which may be suitable for any conditions; it can work efficiently at truly terrible water sources and produce a good flow rate which is very impressive.

Offers ultimate protection

It works as a filter as well as a purifier, the Guardian offers an ultimate protection if you are backpacking for high use areas. This purifier pumps are great for hikers who don’t want to wait for chemicals in extreme conditions.


It is not small and easy to carry equipment, it can weigh up to 17 ounces and this is a great choice for travel and backpacking. The filter can clean itself and back flash the water when you pump; so you no need to pump or back flash manually.

It has a good versatility and durability which allows you to collect the contaminated water in the bag and clean it within a second. 

Purifies easily

Size and weight are most important factors for water filtration.  It offers a good amount of filtration it is capable of purifying your two liters of bottle water within 2.5 seconds.

It is one of the reliable and comfortable equipment which can also be used as an emergency water purifier in case of any natural disasters; it uses 10% of water from each pump to flush out the contaminants from water.

MSR Guardian Purifier Pumps

#9-MSR TrailShot Water Filter

The TrailShot is very simple to use which is made with lightweight materials and an efficient hand pump; it can pump the water from even shallow streams and purify it to drink. It is one of the best outdoor camping water filters because it is very light to carry so you may take it wherever you plan for a camp.

Small to fit

The size is too small which can fit into your pocket, the filter used inside the bottle is made with rubber which you can squeeze or swirl to suck the water.

Effective Hydration

It comes with a 12-inch long tube which can be fixed inside the filter and gives a lot of space to fill the water. This tiny water filter gives an opportunity to drink the water directly from sources for an effective hydration. You can use just a single hand to operate the filter so you can go back easily on the trail quickly.

It kills most of the contaminants from the cloudy or muddy water and gives an easy to clean you can shake the filter to restore the flow rates.


It is designed with a water tube which helps you to fill the water easily, you can use the one-handed pump to purify the water without keeping your hand on the ground and it works well in extremely dirty water and has an ability to filter one liter per minute with 5 ounces.

MSR TrailShot Water Filter

#10-Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter is an excellent choice for multi-day camping trek with a lot of people; this filter will not take much space in your pack. It is a pump based filter which removes and kills all the bacteria and virus from the unclean water.

Offers clean water

The pre-filter is attached to the hose of the outlet which can filter up to 150 microns so it offers a good drinking water from the cloudy or muddy water and removes the pollutants before they reach the main filter to enhance its lifespan.

Excellent design

It is very compact and elegant also it is the great choice for safe drinking plus hydration. The filter used in this purifier uses an active carbon to make you free from the bad odor, chemicals, and unpleasant tastes. It is the reliable filter which can be used for backpacking; it is capable of cleaning one-liter water per minute.

Gives good support

This filter is completely equipped with an ABS plastic and provides an extraordinary support for you while you move out for a camp. It provides a faster and a smoother pumping action.

Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter

Camping Water Filter – Buying Guide

To make the right pick you should know which feature to look for in a water filter. If you have an idea then the buying process will be very easier

Here are some essential features to consider when buying a water filter:

Ease of use

You must ensure that whether it will be easy to drink water using the filter? There are two common ways to drink water either you should suck the water from the source or pump it for a better hydration.

The best water filter will have the activated carbon which makes the contaminated water into a pure drinking water.

Some water filters will be small and compact but it will offer you ease of use to make sure that the product is good enough before buying it.

If you use the filters frequently then you should use the high-quality filters, if you use it for an occasional use then it may be less efficient.

Filtration Speed

Each water filter must have the capacity to eliminate the dangerous particles from the contaminated water, you must look for a filter with UV lighting technology, chlorine dioxide or iodine treatment system.

The filtration speed depends on how much amount of time it takes to filter the unclean water.

If you are not located near the water bodies then a speed of the filter will reduce. The main reason for filtering the water is to make the water free from chemicals, bacteria or other bio-contaminants.

A good water filter will not take much time for purifying the water, it can filter 1 liter of water within a minute.


If you plan for a long camp ensure that not to carry too much weight, smaller and lighter weight are actually suitable for a casual user.

It is also very important to consider that the weight of the water filter must be manageable and light because it can fit easily into your backpacks.

The ultimate water filtration system should be portable so you can take it wherever you go to a camp. It should be comfortable to carry when you travel so always keep in mind about the filter’s weight before buying it.

The weight of the filter can vary depending on their design, filtering technology used and materials used for constructing the water filter.

Filter Capacity

Every filter cartridge will have a limited lifespan; a well-designed filter can have a long-lasting durability. Choose the filters with long-lasting cartridges which may be the high-quality portable filters.

You must have a clear idea about the filter capacity if you go for camping frequently because less amount of water will not be enough for a long ride.

Some filters have a single cartridge which can clean up to 10000 gallons of contaminated water within a second.

Use the hollow U-shaped micro tubes which allow water through even tiny pores, where the pathogens are strained out.

In a Nutshell

Using the best water filter will improve your camping or hiking experience! Whether for camping or hiking a reliable source of drinking water is needed, choose the best camping filters for enjoying your trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you purify water when camping?

Water filters are great options for purifying water when camping. They are simple and effective to use which works by straining the water through an internal element using a sip tube or hand pump. They leave the mud out, so you can get purified water for drinking.

  1. How do Life straws work?

All LifeStraw products are designed with a hollow fiber membrane which has microscopic pores and traps the contaminants. There is a carbon capsule that absorbs chemicals like chlorine and pesticides. The LifeStraw flex also reduces heavy metals like lead.

  1. Does Sawyer Filter virus?

The Sawyer Mini water filter is a very solid water filter that is capable of filtering down to 0.1 microns. It can easily fill out the bacteria, protozoa and viruses from the dirty water. It works very well with straw and hydration pack but minimal suction is required to get a good flow of water.

  1. Is filtered water healthy?

Filter water tastes better than the tap water and distilled water. Using a carbon filter all unwanted contaminants is removed but it still retains all the healthy mineral deposits that are to be present in water.

  1. What is the best personal water filter?

The Katadyn Vario water filter is small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack and doesn’t weigh too much. This model is capable of filtering up to 2 quarts of water per minute. The filter’s pump works very fast and making the water drinkable as well as good tasting.