10 Best Camping Chairs in 2020 [+12 Special Choices]


Best Camping Chairs Review 2019

Camping is a great challenging adventure organized by the United States, in 1800s, to get relief from their tiring work and feel the fresh mountain air. It is like unleashing the collar of an animal under work.

Spending your precious time with your family or friends at the campsite helps you blow out your worries and stress. Camping is incomplete without camping chairs. It is one of the important camping gears required for those who love to compete with natural forces.

A good quality camping chair is the one that offers seating comfort. It must have certain features to make it perfect and convenient for your outdoor trip. These camping chairs are ultra-lightweight, foldable and so it fits easily within your camping bags. So you need not worry about transport.

Quality and durability of the camping chair depends on the budget you are willing to spend. If you go camping often or for regular usage then go with the expensive model. These are very well supportive and bear up any tough weather conditions.

Camping chairs are of many types and brands. The Quality and performance of the chair may vary. Depending on its function you should afford the best camping chairs. There are also camping chairs for backpacking, kids, bad backs, etc.

Picking an ideal camping chair from these varieties of models is a great task. So to help you and make your work easier, we have tested more than 50 chairs and compiled the Top 10 best camping chairs available in the market.

All those products in our list are tested based on the durability, quality, comfort, and additional features. Read on and find the best of yours

Best Overall Camping Chair

(Camping Chairman #1 choice)


The Coleman is our pick for the best overall camping chair because sitting on a chair would surely add the much-needed comfort to your camping experience.

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Top 10 Camping Chair List

Top 10 Best Camping Chairs!

Go camping with the Best Camping Chairs suitable for your outdoor adventure. I have shortlisted the top rated camping chairs for your convenience to pick the right one.





Best for Use:

7.8 x 27 x 27 inches

7.69 pounds

350 lbs

Nylon fabric

All outdoor activity

The top award-winning in my list is the Coleman Camping Chair. It is a great piece for outdoor having a simple design and unique characteristics. It is also called folding quad camp chair as it possesses 4 built-in cooler pouches with it and also comes in 4 different colors.


Coleman chair is a modern camping chair having a compact design. This brand provides four different color options, but among them, the Black colored Coleman camping chair is eye catchy.

The folding design of this camping chair makes it easy for storage as well as transport. It also performs versatile functions.



The seating base of Coleman is made out of high-quality polyester fabric that is durable. The seat is fully cushioned and provides ample space for relaxing. 

The seat is also attached with a back panel that offers excellent back support. The heights of the chair can also be adjusted based on your needs.The lightweight design of this chair makes it quite interesting. It has the capability to bear weight up to 350lbs so that, even the fat people can use this chair with higher comfort.

Sturdy construction:

The seating gets support from the metal frame to bear the weight of the users. The legs are kept crossed and are built with the corrosion resistance technology that increases the lifetime of the chair.

Further, the bottom of the legs is connected with a black cork to provide grip to the chair. It stands sturdy even to strong winds.

Special Feature of Coleman:

This foldable camp chair comes with more attractive features that are unique to this chair.  The unique feature of Coleman is the built-in coolers. It is attached to the armrest that holds up to 4 cans and provides easy access to cold drinks.

Apart from this, there are also some other specifications on it.

One among them is the meshed pouch, and the other is the cup holder to store beverages. Both are also designed with nylon mesh that improves durability.  The meshed pouch in it can hold up to two magazines and other necessary things effectively.

If you’re a big guy, then this Coleman camping chair would provide comfortable sitting experience better than any others.








Best for Use:

23.5 x 35 x 37.5 inches

9.47 pounds

500 lbs

600 denier polyester fabric


The runner up in my list is the Quick Shade brand. This chair has a solid design and comes with more innovative features. It has the capability to bear up against various climatic hazards. It is very well suited for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor adventures.


Quik chair is a small, lightweight camping chair that can be folded and used comfortably. The sturdy design of this chair keeps moisture away and can be used in any climatic conditions. It is a great idea for long day trips.

This camping chair is ready to use and sets up within a second without using any tools.



The seating of Quik chair is made of tough 600D polyester fabric. It is highly breathable and offers sag-free seating. The stain resistant fabric dries quickly as soon as it gets wet.

The cushioned seating also provides large space to have a comfortable sitting experience. QuikShade chair is one of the best camping chairs for heavy person. It is broad enough to accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight.

Sturdy Construction

This chair is built-in with a heavy duty steel frame that provides strength. A black coating given to the steel is corrosion resistant that adds the long-lasting feature to the chair. So that it can be exposed to sunlight, wind or any other natural changes.

Additional features:

Apart from this, various additional features are also used within the chair. It includes a dual drink holder and a meshed pocket placed in each of the adjustable arms.

One holder can be used for storing a water bottle, and the other is for storing energy drinks and supplements. The pocket is used for storing the necessary components like magazines, towels, etc.


As this is lightweight, it can be carried anywhere with ease. The storage area offered by this chair is also minimum. So everyone loves this chair.

Even kids can use this sturdy folding camp chair for their outdoor games. Because it remains stable for a long time and keeps your child safe with enjoyment.








Best for Use:

26 x 35.50 x 37 inches

9.5 pounds

400 lbs

Diamond Ripstop polyester

Sports events

Kijaro Folding Chair is the best camping chair that comes with a stylish and sleek profile. The most attractive feature used in this chair is the dual lock technology. This technology locks the chair both in the opened and closed position. So that the chair can be kept ideal and it offers safety.


The chair is made with fantastic color and classy trendier designs to attract anyone. It is also made up of high-quality materials that can withstand various environmental conditions and climatic situations. This chair is very easy to set up and can also be used as kids camping chairs.


Kijaro chair is made out of ripstop polyester that provides sag-free seating. The seat is slightly reclined to give an excellent feel.


The back panel offers the utmost relaxation to you. The comfort offered by the chair is high compared to others and has 400 lbs capacity. It is perfectly engineered to withstand various weather conditions.

Sturdy construction:

The seating is attached with steel legs at the bottom that provides perfect grip to the ground. The steel bottom has corrosion resistant technology with it so that it can even withstand water.

In this chair, the arms and shoulders are specially made for big guys that provide better support.

Multi-purpose chair:

This chair also has various additional features such as drink holder, meshed pocket with it. Both these mesh pockets store the product effectively without any loss.

Further, the foldable feature of this chair makes it compact and so it can be stored and ported easily. You can use this chair for camping, hiking, or other outdoor games even kids can use this chair with safety.

Special feature of Kijaro:

Kijaro chair is unique with its locking technology. The closed lock technology keeps the chair fixed in position. The locks are kept open for extra stability. You also shut the locks for easy transport.

Do you love spending your valuable time on the beach? This is the best beach camping chair for you to experience the supreme level of enjoyment and relaxation.








Best for Use:

38 x 20 x 38 inches

12.5 pounds

800 lbs

600D polyester fabric


The ALPS Mountaineering chair is a heavy duty camping chair specially designed for those who love to camp to the mountains.


The compact design of the chair makes it lightweight and so it can be carried easily to various places with care. This camping chair is mostly loved by the backpackers and mountaineers as it provides complete back support.

This tall fold up camp chair can be stored compactly within camping bag by separating its parts. It uses less storage area and so various other accessories can also be stored along with the chair.


The seating base of this giant camping chair is designed with tough polyester fabric that offers extreme comfort. 


 It remains without fading or tearing even after several years of usage. The entire chair is easy to set on and off. Further, the chair offers complete comfort to the back and shoulders. It offers maximum stability and can last for longer periods. So don’t forget to add this portable camping chair for your outdoor adventure.

Sturdy Construction:

This chair is engineered with sturdy metal frames that are durable. It never lets you fell down. The metal frames are coated with powder, and this offers water resistant and corrosion resistant feature to the chair. Further, this metal camping chair also has the capability to withstand any harsh climatic conditions.

The strong metal frame and seating base offer 800lbs weight bearing capability to the chair. It is also provided with adjustable armrest that can be used based on your needs.

Comfortable pockets:

The chair is also equipped with cup holders and meshed pockets. The dual drink holder is placed on the two sides of the chair within the arm. The pockets in it are used for storing your valuables. Whereas the meshed drinks holder is used for storing the energy drinks and water bottles.

If you’re a big guy and searching for a comfortable space then this would be the best camping chair for you to accommodate.








Best for Use:

23.6 x 15.7 x 18.1 inches

10 pounds

300 lbs

Polyester cushion


The 5th ranking in my best camping chair list goes to The Stylish Camping Director’s Chair. It is a simple, unique chair that has stunning designs with more fantastic features in it.


The Stylish full back camp chair is classic and comes with modern designs. Compared to other camping chairs, this looks stylish and attractive. The frames are also well polished to give an excellent outlook.

This two-legged camping chair occupies less coverage area and can be stored easily within your hiking bags.

Sturdy Construction:


The frames of folding camping chairs are designed with aluminum material that is durable. It is well polished with corrosion resisting material. It also keeps moisture away.

In addition to the frame, the seating is specially designed with cushion for comfort. It offers complete support to your shoulders and back. It can bear weight for about 300 lbs.

Special Feature in Stylish Camping:

The unique feature of this chair is the side table. The tray or the side table is connected to one of the armrests.  It looks good with aluminum coating. It can be used whenever needed and can be folded if not in use.

The other armrest is connected with side pockets and drink holders to store your valuables in it.

Convenient to carry:

The chair also provides a carry case to fit the chair comfortably into it. Along with the chair, various other accessories can also be toted into it.

It can also be used for various outdoor activities like hiking, picnics, etc. This chair is available in various colors, and you can easily afford one of your choices.








Best for Use:

33 x 28 x 16 inches

10 pounds

264 lbs

600D Oxford fabric

Camping, Backyard

King Camp Moon Leisure Chair is one of the camping chairs that are great in performance. It is designed in a round shape that is unique compared to other chairs. It is a perfect camp chair for riverside, backyard, lawn, etc. 


The padded design of this chair makes it stand alone. The high-quality foam material offers complete support to your back. The seat is covered with durable fabric that is water-resistant and so it can withstand various climatic conditions and situations.

Sturdy construction:

Unlike other camping chairs, it has a round base. This round base makes it attractive and interactive compared to other chairs. The tufted cushions are more flexible to sink into it.


The base is attached to the steel frame which is coated with black powder. This coating has corrosion resistant technology that offers long-lasting characteristics to the chair.


As this chair is more attractive, it can be stored effectively both in indoor and outdoor environments. This chair folds into a compact form and can be placed within the camping bag along with other things.

Additional Features:

The chair does not have an armrest, even though it provides maximum comfort to you. It also comes out with one additional feature, i.e., the mesh pocket. It is positioned at the back for holding your lip balm, insect repellent, sunglasses, etc.








Best for Use:

21.7 x 28.3 x 22.8 inches

1.9 pounds

320 lbs



Helinox chair is one of the lightest camping chairs that are in trend today. It is the great option for backpackers or hikers.  It looks simple but eye-catching. The lightweight design makes the chair more effective and can be used for various outdoor challenges.


This foldable camping chair is made of compact design with contrasting color patterns. The high-quality nylon material is extremely durable and gives robust construction. It comes with a variety of colors and making it as the favorite among campers.

This is mostly preferred by hikers and backpackers which makes their way light. It weighs just 1.9 lb and folds easily into a carry bag. So you may not find any difficulty while carrying.



The Helinox chair one provides excellent ventilation on the back which is made of meshed fabric. It offers complete comfort to you at the campsite. The legs of the chair are engineered with DAC aluminum poles that stand sturdy and are rust resistant. These poles are connected with shock cords so that it never sinks in the mud. The entire product is flexible and remains stable even in strong winds.


All the components of this chair are removable and can be folded easily which makes portability easier. It also comes with a carrying case that fits the chair comfortably within the bag.

But when compared to other lightweight chairs, this Helinox Chair One lacks storage pockets and drink holders. However, the chair is extremely comfortable and supports weight up to 320lbs.

The Helinox chair one is best-suited for camping or hiking. It is also available in three different sizes. So you can choose the best of yours.








Best for Use:

37 x 24 x 58 inches

12 pounds

250 lbs


Beach camping trips

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Ottoman is one of the luxury camping chairs that secured 9th place in our best camping chair list. It comes with more innovative features to keep you cool and comfortable at the campsite. 


Kelsyus Camp chair is designed as a quad-style chair that can be used for any type of adventure say camping, beach trip, sporting events, etc.

The patented design of Kelsyus is more attractive and is often used for summer camping. It is also available in three different colors to help you choose your favorite color.

Kelsyus is a lightweight camping chair that can be ported to any different places. It weighs about 12 pounds but has the capacity to hold a maximum of 25o lbs.



The seat is completely made with a breathable mesh layer that keeps you cool even on hot sunny days. The fabric of the seating is made of durable polyester which increases the lifetime of the chair. It provides comfy seating with perfect protection from the sun. It is one of the most comfortable camping chairs we have tested.

Sturdy construction:

The legs are made to stand sturdy with premium-quality steel frame. The steel has a powder coating that resists corrosion. Further, the base of this chair is made up of plastic cork. It offers grip to the chair and keeps it stable for a long time.

This fold-out Kelsyus chair has an adjustable canopy at the top that provides shade from the tough elements.

Adjustable arms:

Moreover, the chair is featured with a cup holder at one of the arms. The cup holder is also engineered with a breathable mesh layer to hold your water bottles or beverages safe.

Special Feature of Kelsyus:

The unique feature of Kelsyus is the built-in canopy. It is made out of heavy duty material that provides 50+ UPF protections. The extended canopy locks up or down to provide shade from the sun.

In addition, the canopy itself becomes the carry case. It is provided by a snap-lock buckle and the shoulder strap attached to the canopy offers hands-free portability.








Best for Use:

44 x 23.5 x 31.5 inches

15.4 pounds

400 lbs

600D Polyester

Summer festivals

The 9th ranking of the best camping chairs list goes to The Kelty Loveseat. It is a double seat camping chair that helps to keep your partner much closer to you. Kelty Loveseat is a great option for couples who wish to share their personal feelings.


The Kelty Loveseat is a simple, lightweight chair that can be used for camping. The stylish and innovative designs attract everyone. Kelty is available in different color combinations that are eye catchy. The reclining design of this camp chair provides greater comfort to your back.


The Kelty Loveseat is made of durable 600D polyester fabric that stands up for a long time of seating. 


The seat offers a comfy space for you and your partner. The reclining back provides greater support and so you can have a comfortable relaxation at the campground.

Sturdy construction:

The seating is attached to a sturdy steel frame which keeps the chair stable for long hours. It can support up 2 adults without breaking. The steel frame is built in with the corrosion resistant technology.

This chair has two arm rest support. Both the arms are adjustable and so you can adjust the level of the arms based on your needs.

Additional features

Kelty Loveseat is one of the best double camping chairs in the market. It is featured with cup holders on both the arms to hold your drinks close to your hand. The insulated holder keeps the beverages safe and cool.

This multi-function chair also includes Roll-tote carry bag, which is used as storage for the chair.

The loveseat camping chair can be set up within a few seconds. It has become a favorite add-on to the campsite especially for those who go camping as two-person or with kids. Kids can also use this Kelty camp chair.








Best for Use:

17 x 21.5 x 28 inches

2 pounds

242 lbs

600D Oxford cloth


Moon Lence chair is an ultra-compact chair that can be used for various purposes. This mini camping chair comes with attractive colors. It folds as compact as possible. This is one of the best picnic chairs that can be used for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.


The Moon Lence chair looks similar to Helinox chair one providing extreme comfort. It comes with a wide range of colors, in giving you the way to choose your favorite. The ergonomic seat design keeps you relaxed and comfortable while you sit.

You can also use this chair as a camping club chair who loves the enjoy outdoor adventures with friends.



The entire chair is designed with durable oxford cloth that has the ability to last for years. This material can withstand various temperatures. This seating of this chair is super comfortable with meshed back design. It offers good ventilation. Moon Lence keeps you warm even in the dark nights. It is a perfect option for you to enjoy sitting around the campfires. 

Sturdy Construction:

The chair is protected by the sturdy steel construction. The frame has a slim design even though it has the capacity to bear up 240 lbs of weight. The steel is well polished with attractive colors. The foldable metal poles are very easy to assemble. The chair is attached with a bag on the poles to prevent it from missing.

Further, the stand used in the chair has various interconnections with it. These interconnections are preserved with the help of plastic covering.

Additional Features

The weight of the chair is very less and has a higher weight bearing capability. This collapsible camping chair has multiple usages; it can be used effectively in both indoor and outdoor environments. Moon Lence is an ideal choice for backpackers.

Cleaning this chair is very simple. Just wipe it or wash the chair with soap water.




What are camping chairs made of?

Camping chairs are generally made of rip-stop nylon or polyester fabric that provides excellent seating. These materials are waterproof and can last for several years.

The strength of the portable camping chair is its legs. The legs are typically constructed with a good quality aluminum frame. The weight of the person sitting is completely balanced by the legs. This helps the chair to stand steady even during heavy winds.

The back panel is made of mesh layer that offers ventilation between your back and the chair. These are the general instruction that most of the camping chairs are built.

Types Of Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are also available in different models and varieties based on its function. Here we go with the types of chairs under the category of travel.

Regular Camping Chairs

Regular camping chairs are a normal folding camp chair that comes with legs, armrests, and seat backs. These chairs usually come with a carry case that fits the chair comfortably. It is also provided with a strap for easy carrying. Regular camping chairs are the perfect option for backcountry trips.

Regular camping chairs also fall under two categories:

Heavy duty armrest camping chair

This is one of the most traditional forms of camping chairs available in the market. It comes with a variety of color options, styles, and designs. The camping chair with arm is also featured with cup holders on any of the armrest. This chair would be great for day hiking, sports events, etc.

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair is the best camping chair that provides mesh cup holders on both the arms. The complete detail of this chair is mentioned above in the top 10 list.

Camping chairs without arms is a great option for fishing, festivals or to your home. This type of folding chairs is available in different sizes and with a wide range of colors.

These are inexpensive chairs but that doesn’t rely on its quality. All these camping chairs are built in with high-quality materials and can last for several years. The top-rated product that fall under this category is given below:

ALPS Mountaineering Adventure Chair 

Alps Mountaineering Adventure chair is the topmost camping chair engineered without armrest. It is a perfect option at the riverside or sitting around at the campfires.

Alps Mountaineering chair is made out of TechMesh fabric that is highly breathable and provides a comfortable sitting experience. The seating is attached to the aluminum frame that is sturdy and remains stable for longer usage. This chair is designed to be lightweight but has the capacity to support up to 400 lbs of weight. This chair also has a compact design and can be folded easily. It also includes a shoulder bag for hands-free carrying.

If you’ve an option to choose armless chair then Alps Mountaineering Adventure Chair is the great option for you. 

Minimal Camping Chairs

This is a mini camping chair model that provides just a comfy place for you to relax. It just has a small seating base and legs very low to the ground. This is an ideal option for weary trekkers and backpackers who don’t sit for a long time as they have a long path to go.

Minimal types of camping chairs come in two different styles:

This type of portable camping chair has only a seating base that is foldable. The seats are equipped with high-quality material that offers lightweight to the chair. It weighs like a feather and helps you in portability. The best example for this type of chair is the KingCamp chair. Let’s go through the reviews of it.

KingCamp Low Sling Beach Camping Concert Folding Chair

The best product under folding seat category is the KingCamp Beach Camping chair. As the name suggests, this chair is great to use on the beach.

The main feature of this chair is the seat. The low seat keeps you very close to the ground. It is highly breathable and allows cool breeze to pass through.  The legs are built in such a way that it makes you feel cool lying on the sand. It is quite easy to use. This chair is also provided with cup holders to keep your drinks close to your hand.

Love beach trips or to the river side then KingCamp is the great option for you.

Camping stools are extremely lightweight and can be used for any outdoor activity. These are affordable and are perfect for backpackers. These stools come with sturdy legs that never break. It is an alternative option for camping chairs as it is too light for portability. There are also stools as big as camping tables. Choose the better option for your adventure. 

Let’s discuss this new model with an example.

Coleman Rambler II Stool

Coleman Rambler II is the top-rated stool that can be used as a chair, table or footrest. The folding design of the chair makes it quite easy to carry wherever you go. It is constructed with a polyester fabric that offers lightweight to the chair.  The aluminum frame stands sturdy in the ground even to heavy winds. The entire stool weighs just 1.5 lbs but has the capability to support up to 225 lbs.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose stool, then go with Coleman Rambler stool. It also provides great comfort to your foot.

Luxury Camping Chairs

Best Luxury camping chair to rest in the wilderness

Luxury camping chairs are an advanced version of normal folding camping chairs. It is boasted with more additional features that provide extreme comfort. The features may include footrest, recliner, headrest, back support, shade and even more. These features take the camping chair to the next level.

These chairs are highly stable and can withstand any climatic conditions. It is ideal for camping, beach trips, or lounging to the backcountry.

Special Features in Camping Chairs

Camping chairs offers more extra features that provides extreme support when relaxing at the campsite. These features are unique to camping chairs. Here go with those special features and the best product possessing those features.

Cup holder

A cup holder is a necessary feature that every camping chair should possess. Most of these cup holders are made of mesh fabric that is lightweight. It is situated on the arms of the chair. This cup holder provides a convenient place for your drinks. So, you need not worry about spilling your beverages into the sand.

Keep your drinks safe and at your fingertips. It offers much more relaxation while you’re sitting around and enjoying at the campfires.


Coolers are the additional features that have arised in modern versions of camping chairs. These are designed with insulation foil to keep your items cool for long hours. Coolers also come in different sizes.

One of the best camping chairs with cooler is the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair. It is built in with 4 waterproof cooler pockets on the sides of the chair.

Storage pockets

Pockets are the essential feature that every camper loves to have in a camping chair. It is usually attached to hang down from the arms or back panel of the chair.

It is very much useful to store your valuable essentials such as books, sun cream, mosquito repellents etc, within your reach. Most of the camping chairs are built-in with pockets.

Carrying bags

Almost every camping chair in the market comes with carry case. This is a storage area for your folding camping chair. The bag is also provided with carry straps that makes portability easier.


Canopy is an extra feature that provides shade while you’re sitting. This canopy is made with removable or adjustable feature. This adds luxury to your camping chair. It provides extreme protection from the sun. 

Check out the Kelsyus canopy camping chair from the list as an example for this feature.

Side Table

The side table is an added feature to the camping chair. The table or the tray is fitted to the armrests. It can be folded easily when not in use. It serves a better place for your books or other things.

One best example for this type of chair is the Director’s chair that is listed above in the top 10 camping chair list.


The footrest is also another feature to the camping chair. It comes attached to the chair for better support. The footrest is also removable and can be attached whenever needed. So you could get a peaceful relaxation at the campsite.

Below we have explained this feature with the best product.

Back Support

Some of the camping chairs are slightly reclining design that provides back support. This will help for those people with bad back.

The back panel is mostly made out of mesh fabric that is highly breathable. It allows cool ventilation and will experience a comfortable back support.

Camping Chair VS Backpacking Chair

There are only limited differences between camping chairs and backpacking chairs.

  • Camping chairs are lightweight chairs that provide great comfort. Whereas backpacking chairs are ultra lightweight when compared with camping chairs. Both the chairs are designed with high-quality materials that reduce the weight of the chair. It makes easy transport.
  • Another difference between the two chairs is the extra features. Usually camping chairs come with a lot of additional features like the pockets, coolers, cup holders, etc. But backpacking chairs lack these features. The new arriving backpacking chairs and very few chairs have additional pockets in them for easy access.

Best Camping Chair Brands

The Best Camping chair brands that are in trend today are;

Alps Mountaineering

Alps Mountaineering is one of the best manufacturers in camping gears. It has got the top place in the production of camping gears.

Alps mountaineering have started its landmark in 1993 by Dennis Brune. He had already introduced Kelty brand and later started Alps. Now it has been developed into four brands under the name of ALPS. They manufacture all sorts of products that are necessary for outdoor activity.


Coleman Company is an American company that has been introduced into this world by William Coffin Coleman in 1900. It is specialized in producing camping gears. But currently it is owned by Jarden of Newell Brands.

Swimways Kelsyus

Kelsyus brand is also a leading company now-a-days producing high quality product of sports gears and camping gears. It has owned a top position in manufacturing camping chair products. 

Best of the Best!!

There are also some broad categories that are ideal in its specified characteristics. These are quite interesting with its unique structure and design. Let’s go through it.

#1 Best Backpack Cooler Chairs

Backpack cooler chair is the new and stylish chair available in the market. It is a simple chair that combines multi-function into one. This type of chairs is extremely lightweight and folds into a backpack for easy portability.

It is featured with soft coolers attached to the back or sides of the chair. These coolers are made with foil that provides insulation. So you can keep your drinks or other items inside that stays cool for hours.

Depending upon the size of the cooler you can find rooms for your drinks and food. This backpack cooler chair is an ideal option for tailgating, hiking, and beach trips. 

The most versatile type of backpack cooler chair is the Tommy Bahama Cooler chair. It weighs just 7.8 pounds and can carry 300 lbs of materials. This Tommy becomes a backpack when folded. The adjustable straps in it help you to carry the chair with ease.

The insulated cooler pouch is attached on the back of the chair that helps you to keep your drinks cool for long hours. It also includes side pockets, bottle holder and a towel rack to keep everything within your reach.

It is attached with an adjustable pillow that offers comfortable head support while lying on it. This chair reclines to 5 positions and can be used comfortably while sunbathing. 

This Tommy Bahama is the great option for the beach as a sun bed. You can also use this chair for camping, fishing, or any other sports events. 

How to close Tommy Bahama Camping chair?

Most of the camping chairs are fold up chairs and it is very easy for you to close. Likewise, Tommy Bahama chair is also a fold up chair but, there is just a simple trick to close this beach chair. Lift the chair up and press the arms to close it. 

This Tommy Bahama chair also comes with lots of benefits. It is designed with backpack model and can be worn on your shoulders.

Watch this video to go through the simplest method to close the Tommy Bahama beach chair. 

#2 Best Tripod camping chairs

Tripod camping chairs is completely a different version compared to other camping chairs. The specialty of this chair is the legs. This modern chair has three legs and so it is called a tripod. It is relatively lightweight and can be used as temporary outdoor seating.

This is a great option for fishing. You could have a comfortable seating over there till the fish arrives your angler. So enjoy fishing without any discomfort.

This Tripod chair is also preferred by the Mountaineers as they don’t sit for a long time. Have a look at one of the best model of a tripod camping chair.

Travelchair Slacker is the small, lightweight and durable camping chair available in the market. It is a 3-legged chair that comes in handy. It weighs only 2.2 lbs but has the ability to support up to 275 lbs. 

It folds up like a newspaper. This chair provides an integrated Velcro Strap closure for easy carrying.

So if you’re interested in getting a tripod chair, then Travelchair Slacker is a great option for you.

#3 Best Camping chair with Footrest

The footrest is an excellent feature in camping chairs. These are made just for offering incredible comfort experience. It is specially designed for those who suffer from severe back pain.

Like canopy, it is also an additional feature to the camping chair.  These are removable and can be adjusted based on your needs.

Surprise your parents by gifting this type of camping chairs.

Swimways Original is an award-winning style that comes with canopy as well as a footrest. It is a great addition for camping as well as for beach trips.

Swimways is a quad style chair that is featured with fold-out footrest. It grants maximum support to your foot. And so you could enjoy a quiet sleep in the woods.

The lightweight design of the chair supports up to 250 lbs. The canopy of the chair itself becomes a carry bag for portability.

It is a great relaxing spot that you should have at your favorite campsite.

#4 Best swivel camping chairs

Swivel is a joint or connection given to the chair that allows it to rotate horizontally. Initially this swivel model chairs are designed for office workers to move around for their convenience.  So you can put lot of stuff around you within easy reach.

The similar feature is applied to the camping chairs also. As this type of chair is not provided with additional pockets or cup holders, this feature will help you for easy move at the campsite. You could be able to reach all your necessaries within seconds. It also provides great comfort and relaxation in the woods.

Here is the best swivel camping chair available in the market.

The Swivel camping chair is a uniquely designed chair that is great for car camping. It is a lightweight folding backpacking chair that comes with the swivel seat. 

The solid swivel design provides great comfort while camping. This swivel designs help you to move around while sitting on the chair. It helps to reach your belongings within seconds.

This versatile chair weighs a little of 2.9 pounds and has the capacity to hold up to 320 pounds. This is also UV- resistant and is very convenient to use. 

#5 Best Hanging camp chairs

Hanging around in the campsite is an exciting experience. The gentle swinging motion makes you sleep. Hanging chairs are designed on the basis of hammocks with swinging motion. You can use these chairs for both indoors and outdoors.

This spacious chair is one of our favorite place to read, relax, relax, or anything else. These chairs are lightweight and so you can easily hang down these chairs from trees, porches, or in any room.  It is a good choice for backpacking or car camping.

Kids can also use these hanging chairs with much care. They could enjoy the hanging movement all around. You need not worry about hanging; it is much safe and prevents your child from falling off.

There are also many different varieties of hanging chairs available in the market. But the best among them is the ONCLOUD Hammock Hanging Chair

The topmost product under this category is the ONCLOUD Hanging chair. This upgraded sky chair has a unique design to compete with other models.

It has sturdy construction that keeps you safe and protected. It’ll not make you fall. As this chair is designed to be lightweight you can easily hang it wherever you want.

It is also provided with a pillow for headrest and so you could have a comfortable sleep in the woods.

Love the idea of hanging at the campsite, then go with ON CLOUD hanging chair.

#6 Best camping chairs with Shade

Canopy or shade is nothing just an enclosure covered over something for protection. The same method is applied to the camping chair also. The camping chairs attached with canopy gives greater protection from the hot sun. It is very much suitable for camping on the hot sunny days.

The camping chairs with shade can also be used by kids to protect them from the hot climate. This is an ideal option for the beach, campground or park to watch your kids playing.

There are also chairs with water-resistant canopies. It keeps moisture away and prevents you from drizzling. This is not suitable during heavy rain. I have already mentioned the top ranking product with canopy in the Top 10 Best Camping Chair list. Here let us go with the runner-up product.

Quik Shade Camping chair is a durable, lightweight camping chair that provides great comfort. It has a canopy attachment on the top of the chair that provides shade from the rising sun. 

The canopy of this chair is made out of tough polyester fabric that is both water and stain resistant. It can also withstand the weight of an adult along with your baby. 

The canopy provides complete protection to you from the hot sun and even from drizzling. It looks new even after several years of usage. It is a great add-on to beach trips.

#7 Best Zero gravity camping chair

Zero gravity means the absence of weight. Zero Gravity Camping chairs are also designed in such a way that it is weightless.

This Zero gravity chair has a slightly reclining design to support your back. The sturdy construction of these chairs helps it to withstand strong and heavy winds.

This is lightweight and so it can be ported to any places with ease. You’ll not experience any weight. It is a wonderful choice for camping or lawn. You could feel the utmost relaxation in the outdoors.

Some of the Zero gravity chairs are also designed as same as rocking chairs providing a locking system with it. So that it can remain stable even for the whole day without any movement. One of the best zero gravity camping chair is listed below.

Caravan Zero gravity camping chair is the top-rated product best suited for camping. It provides the best comfy place for you to relax. This has a lightweight design that can handle up to 300 lbs. 

It looks stylish and is an apt one for any outdoor adventure. It also fits perfectly to your backyard for any time resting. 

It is made with a unique textline fabric that can last for several years. The reclining design of the chair provides excellent support to the back.

Cheer up your parents with this lovable reclining Zero gravity camp chair.

#8 Best Inflatable camping chairs

The inflatable camping chair is the new version introduced in the market. It is an air-filled sack that offers great comfort and relaxation.

This type of chairs is very easy to handle. You need not want to put your effort into pumping the air into it. Just whisk it through the direction of the airflow to inflate.

As this model is filled with air, it floats freely in the water. And so you could get a comfortable resting even in water.

Inflatable loungers are ideal for Backyard, Riverside, Beach, picnics or any other outdoor activities. These loungers are affordable and fit under everyone’s budget. Have a look on the best inflatable camping chair available in the market.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger comes with special design to make it stand out alone. It comes in handy with a carry bag for easy transport.

The main function here is inflation. It is quite easy and doesn’t require a pump to inflate. As it is said above, just whisk the lounger towards the air for inflation. 

And close the sleeve opening after each movement. It is also has a pillow shaped design to offer a pleasant sleep in the woods.

Love to float in water! Then WEKAPO is the perfect choice for you.

#9 Best Camping Chair with Headrest

The headrest is the special feature that is added for camping chairs to enjoy the comfy back support. Most of these camping chairs with headrest are engineered with the padded design.

Some camping chairs also have a pillow type structure for head support. The reclining designed chairs may also have an adjustable headrest that is convenient for you to lie down. 

All these chairs are introduced with new models to make the users happy and comfortable.

Marchway camping chair is the super comfy high back camping chair that are in trend today. It is provide with a comfortable head and back support.

The padded design of the headrest is made sponge to lower your pain. These are adjustable and can be fitted depending on your sitting posture.

This is a versatile chair and is ideal for hunting, fishing, motorcycling, sports events and much more.

#10 Best Camping High Chairs

If you love to go camping trips especially with your babies, then camping high chairs will help you at the campground. These are specially designed for the little ones to enjoy camping.

These chairs are provided with locking system to keep your child safe and protected. It remains stable in a fixed position for long hours. Camping high chairs also come with canopy to protect your child from the hot sun.

Don’t worry whether you’re going to a camping trip, picnics, or for dinners, these camping high chairs provide comfy space for your baby.

Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair comes with a fantastic design to protect children. It comes with more innovative features to secure the child from falling. It is extremely cozy and can hold up to 22 pounds. 

The lightweight design of this chair makes it quite easy for transport. It has ability to withstand tough climatic conditions and can be used for camping, hiking or other outdoor activity.

Love to find more products, then have a look to our best camping high chairs article.

#11 Best Camping Chairs for Bad Back

Back pain is the major issue that everyone find difficulty in tackling the situations. Camping with bad back makes your trip worst. To help those people, many companies have introduced camping chairs for bad backs. These chairs provide a complete support to your back. It reduces your pain and offers a comfortable relaxing at the campsite.

These chairs are also designed with different styles for people with lower back pain and up to your shoulders. Most of these camping chairs also come with adjustable back support that provides multiple positions for comfort.

Gift your parents or grandparents with lumbar support camping chairs that reduces their back pain and delivers great support to them in the wilderness.

Rhino Rack Padded Camping Chair with Bad Back is a great choice for campers who suffer from bad backs. This chair comes with high back support and can be adjusted based on your comfort level.

The material used here is durable and can last for several years. This chair comes out with lightweight design for portability. It can accommodate weight up to 330lbs.

So don’t waste your time in choosing the wrong ones. Get the right Rhino Rack Padded camping chair and cheer up your parents.

For more products have a look to our article at the Best Camping Chairs for Bad Back.

#12 Best Backpacking Chairs

Backpacking chairs are ultra lightweight when compared to other camping chairs. Most of the backpacking chair weighs less than 3.5lbs. It provides cozy space for you to rest.

Backpacking chairs are best suited for trekkers or backpackers. You would be very tired after long hours of walking. This backpacking chair provides a comfortable relaxing space for tired trekkers.

As it is lightweight you can carry this for any outdoor trip. Backpacking chairs are very easy to set up, so you could get an immediate relaxing spot on the campground.

Big Agnes is the top pick in Backpacking Chairs. This is a sturdy camping chair that is made with high-quality materials to withstand various climatic conditions.

It has a lightweight design and weighs just 2 pounds. So you can easily transport this chair to various places. 

This chair is also made with breathable mesh layer that is perfect for summer camping. This is a multipurpose chair provides a restful place wherever you want.

For more information you can check our Best Backpacking Chairs article.

Best Way To Clean Camping Chairs

Everyone will be aware of molds or mildews that are ready to form in camping chairs. These are attached to the camping chairs mostly during rain or moist weather conditions.

Most of them find difficult in removing these fabrics from camping chairs. But I’d say, it is not that hard to remove the molds from the chair. There are few tricks to clean the molds from the chair. To view that cleaning process, check our guide on How to clean mold from camping chairs.

Things to Look for Before Buying

Before attempting to purchase, decide whether the chair is to be used for hiking, backpacking, camping, or everyday usage. If you had got a clear idea regarding this, then your selection process would become very easy.

Here are some of the key points to have in mind while buying camping chairs.

Camping chair – Buying tips


The first important aspect that should be considered while buying a chair for your outdoor challenge is a comfort. A good camping chair will provide comfortable back support. It should be broad enough to experience relaxed sitting. Also, the chair with a cushioned seat like the Coleman oversized quad camping chair makes you feel more comfortable.

Make sure that the chair you choose will help you to blow out your worries.

Size & Style

Camping chairs are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, etc. The striking style and the elegant color combinations of these chairs are fascinated by everyone.

Choosing the right size chair is very important. For example, a heavy person can’t use a chair that is recommended for a slim person.

So depending upon your body size and usage, pick the best chairs for your camping adventure. Also, check whether the seat is wide enough and comfortable for you.


Camping chairs cost little more than normal ones because most of these chairs are made of sturdy materials like aluminum. The legs of these camping chairs offer maximum stability and last for a long time.

The seating of this is also made of premium quality material that resists to any tough weather conditions. The cushioned fabric at the back serves as wonderful lumbar support.

The best lightweight camping chairs posses mesh panels that are excellent for use during summer. It offers good ventilation. Also before purchasing, ensure whether the chair has sag-free seating.


Another thing you have to consider is its storage. A chair with comfortable seating alone is not enough. It is good to choose camping chairs with plenty of pockets and mini coolers in them. So you can find a place to store some of the accessories like beverages, insect repellents, sunglasses required for camping.

Most of the chairs are fold-out chairs so that they can be folded easily and packed in camping bags. As it is lightweight transportation would be very easy for you.

In a nutshell

Choosing a comfortable chair for outdoor camping is too difficult. To make your work easier, we have shortlisted some of the best camping chairs that provide maximum comfort.

Like camping chairs, there are many camping gears needed for your adventure. To have a peaceful and pleasant experience in the wilderness, Get ready with all the camping essentials necessary for your trip. You can also check out our Camping checklist article. 

Hope we have helped you in picking the best folding camping chairs. If you have any ideas or suggestions you are most welcome. Try these chairs and share your views in the box given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What other accessories do I need for camping?

There are so many other camping accessories you need to take with you when camping. National park service has mentioned the items you need to take with you during your camping trip. Here is a camping checklist with all the list of items you can take with you.

​2. Which is the best backpack chair for a tall person?

The Coleman oversized quad chair is a super popular folding chair among campers and it is very well-suited for tall people. It is special for all campers because of its low price and superior durability.

3. Where can I find the best campsites in Texas?

Texas park and wildlife department has compiled a list of best campsites for you to go on a camping trip. This guide might be very helpful for you to plan your camping trip.

4. Which is the ultra lightweight folding camping chair?

The Alite products are lightest because it is constructed by cutting the weight of the polyester and by changing the construction they reduce it to an ultra-lightweight 1.15 pounds.

The ultra light hiking chairs can be foldable so it can be comfortable for the backpackers to carry anywhere.

5. What is the best heavy duty camping chair?

The ALPS mountaineering Rendezvous folding chair is the best one which can easily accommodate up to 300 pounds. The broad sturdy feet will never let you tip over and the one piece seat has mesh that may keep you cool.


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