Top 10 Best GPS Watches For Camping


GPS watches are uniquely designed with abundant features that go beyond tracking speed and distance, rather than relying on your smartphone; you can use this tracker; it can accurately record outdoor activities like running. Most of the athletes use this astonishing GPS watches for tracking and mapping the routes, and for calculating the pace and speed. You can get a lot of extra features such as heart rate monitors, maps, altimeters, and Bluetooth capabilities, etc.

Are you poking around for the best model? Are you a marathon trainee or a serious athlete? Then GPS watch is the most crucial one to consider for your daily routine. Today’s powerful GPS watches are packed with sensors that updates you about every single activity you do.

How do you know which watch will be the right one? Will it be budget-friendly and worth the money? To find out, here our team experts have listed out the best 10 GPS watches which are at the top of the line.

Best Overall GPS Watch

(Camping Chairman #1 choice)

  • GPS and Barometer
  • Phone Notifications
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life

Top 10 Best Camping GPS Watches!

Go camping with the Best Camping Watches suitable for your outdoor adventure. I have shortlisted the top rated camping watches for your convenience to pick the right one.



Water Resistance:



46 x 46 x 13 mm

320 mAh Li-pol battery

Waterproof (WR30)

Has good compatibility with Polar BLE heart rate sensors

Durable and comfortable silicone


The Vantage V has a clear visual design which features boxy, rectangular shapes; it is constructed from aircraft aluminum, gorilla glass, and remains solid. All these materials combine to offer a good quality look and feel for this GPS watch, the 1.2 inches 240 x 240 color touchscreen is well wrapped by the aluminum case that flow nicely into its rubber back. It comes in three colors: white, black, and orange. 

Face and Fitness

The face is well-covered by the Gorilla Glass lens, and it has five anti-slip buttons on the sides; among those, three buttons are placed on the right and the other two buttons on the left. The Vantage V comes with a rubber strap in which the rubber is much softer, flexible, and it is comfortable to wear. The strap comes with a good knurled texture and a standard buckle to keep the strap at the end of the place. 



The Polar Vantage V is considered to be the best watch in business; the heart rate accuracy is precise when compared with other fitness trackers. The band is made of durable silicones, which have four compounds: 38% Polyamide, 9% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, and 13% Polyester. It has a texturized pattern that adds a classy look to the watch.


  • Combined fitness ecosystem
  • Innovative tracking for swimming
  • Gives mobile notifications
  • Provides support for multi-sport events


  • Lightweight
  • Great battery
  • Excellent hardware


  • Costly




Bezel Material:


50 x 50 x 16.5mm



Stainless steel

Mineral glass

Are you a triathlete, ultra runner, or an ironman? Do you need the perfect GPS watch for your daily routine? Suunto 9 GPS watch is the best choice as it is constructed with bomb-proof materials so that it can handle anything. If you’re interested in fitness and health tracking, then this multisport smartwatch will satisfy all your requirements. There are a lot of impressive features, let’s dive in to find out. 


The Suunto 9 GPS watch comes with a simple design so you can use it every day without any discomfort. It is constructed with high-quality materials with a wristband placed on the thicker side and the control buttons being eminent as they are. One of the main features of this GPS camping watch is the optical heart rate sensor, which monitors 24/7 and measures the continuous heart rate. 

It also does open water swim tracking, which allows to see the pace in real-time and instructs to adjust your performance if needed.



The Suunto 9 GPS watch tracker weighs very light when wearing on the wrist because it is completely wrapped with silicone strap and polyamide to stay fit and secure on the hand. This watch performs well in GPS tracking due to the combined data from gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer through FusedSpeed. The performance of Suunto 9 remains solid so that you can achieve the target both in the water and the ground. 


The Suunto 9 multisport GPS watch is specially made for outdoors and proved to be resilient after being tested in extreme conditions. The stainless steel bezel doesn’t get scratched or chipped, so it remains constant for a long time. It is waterproof up to 100 meters, and the temperature ranges from -20 degrees C to +55 degrees C. 


  • Great GPS tracking
  • Measures heart rate
  • Touch Sensors
  • Supports various sports mode


  • Extendable battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Durability


  • Complex app sync






32 g-force accelerometer

1.78 (448x 368 pixels resolution)

Apple dual-core 64-bit

18 hours of battery life

44 x 38 x 10.7 mm

The Apple Watch Series 4 is an excellent smartwatch that comes with an intuitive design; one of the great features about this GPS tracker is the optical heart rate sensor; it gives accurate information to the people so they can undergo immediate medical treatments. The Apple Watch 4 is packed with advanced features that tick the usual boxes, which are bigger display, faster processor, advanced sensors, etc. 

Sleek Design

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a sleek design, and now it has been redesigned and reengineered with a focus on the best features. What makes this GPS tracker special? When compared to the new 40mm and 44mm, the major difference is larger displays. That’s because of more surface area and more pixels on the OLED screen (394 x 324 on 40 mm and 448 x 368 on 44mm) to display the content. The screen is wrapped by shrinking bezels around it.



The entire construction of Apple is extraordinary with the origami style approach; its body layer is secured with no band attached in a microfiber softshell. The thickness of the Apple watch is tremendous; it is now 10.7mm when compared to 11.4mm on Series 3. The optical heart rate sensor has a different configuration with a ceramic ring on the back part. The straps are enclosed in a separate area with a charger packed inside. 


The Apple Watch has an intelligent sensor that is specially designed for mobility-challenged people. The automatic fall detection is fixed to trigger a text and emergency call if the watch detects an actual fall. In case of emergencies, the Apple Watch will send a text message to the contact with your last recorded location. It will eventually vibrate and emit louder sounds within one minute of inactivity.


  • Greater health monitoring
  • Loud Speakers
  • Extensively tracks every action
  • Fast performance


  • Easy to access
  • Attractive display
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Unstable Siri

Screen size:




Bluetooth connection :

240 x 240px (1.2″ LCD)

to 50 m

25 hours of workout time 

+ sensor support

only to smartphone

Coros Pace is a simple, long-lasting Multi-sport GPS Watch that has a built-in barometer and heart rate monitor which delivers an exact running metric. The pace is a highly accurate watch when compared to the vast array of options in the market. Are you a triathlete? Do you look for the best option? Coros would be the right choice; also, it comes with swimming and cycling modes. 

Lightweight Design

Pace has a durable and solid build quality; the glass face is scratch-resistant, Coros is designed with excellent comfort and design. The choice of materials makes this watch lightweight in which plastic is used for the case and a silicone band that is too soft to touch and ventilated to reduce sweat. The buttons on the face require only a little amount of effort to press, so you don’t have to start or stop your workout. The design is both comfortable and durable.


Heart Rate Monitor 

Coros Pace has a built-in monitor that is specially designed to record swimming, running, and cycling. How does it work? The pace tracks heart rate zones which give alerts based on your goals, your calorie count will be calculated accurately. It records 24/7, and the screen shows the zone for you with different color coding: blue, yellow, red etc.

Smart Features

Coros Pace connects easily to your smartphone and allows you to receive incoming notifications; the screen resolution is extraordinary and easy to view through 240 x 240 inches. Battery life is at the top-notch level, which allows us to continuously track in full GPS mode when compared to other Smartwatches. This GPS watch with altimeter boost efficiency from the software, and it is optimized for fitness tracking, without any unwanted features. 


  • Visual Heart Rate Monitor
  • UltraSync technology
  • Coros App
  • Three Satelight System


  • Ultimate battery mode
  • Easy setup
  • Accuracy


  • Lack of music control






1.5 oz

31.1 mm

215 x 180 pixels

Rechargeable lithium-ion

45 x 45 x 11.7mm

Garmin Forerunner 45 is a budget-friendly option, and it is an excellent watch for every runner. At an affordable price, it includes a lot of options such as GPS, a wrist heart rate monitor, pace, and an activity tracker. It has all the functions that a sports watch should have; Garmin also includes a lot of advanced features. 


The Forerunner has a fresh face, and it is very light to wear, the Garmin Forerunner 45 comes in two sizes: small and large. It has a lot of smartwatch style notifications- so you can receive calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook notifications all in one watch. The heart rate elements are also strong, there’s an abnormal heart rate alarm which defaults to 100bpm.


Features and Battery life

The Forerunner 45 can be easily connected to your phone through the Garmin Connect App, which includes heart rate, sleep, body battery, and stress rate. It comes with a lot of safety and tracking features; if an accident happens, it will alert and notify all your emergency contacts with your location information. 

There is a LiveTrack option that allows friends and family to track the workout session like elevation, distance, speed. It has an excellent battery life with 11 hours of training, activity tracking, and notifications. 

On and Off the Road Running

While you’re running on a treadmill or an indoor track, the built-in accelerometer captures distance and pace data, so the foot pod accessory is not needed. It calculates your calories throughout the day with an activity tracker and alerts you to move after sitting for more than an hour. 

It is well compatible with GPS and GLONASS, so your location will be updated precisely whether you’re running in woods or near tall buildings.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Action detection
  • Heart beat rate sensor
  • Fitness features


  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Weightless
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Lacks swimming mode


Water Resistance:




300 x 300-pixel touchscreen AMOLED 

Up to 50 mm

Aluminum Watch case

3-axis accelerometer, altimeter

Bluetooth 4.0

The Fitbit Versa is an easy device to use, and it is one of the comfortable smartwatches to wear on the wrist. Fitbit will be perfect for a variety of wrist sizes; it’s neither small nor large. The Fitbit Versa 2 is designed with Alexa and Spotify integration, as well as an AMOLED screen. Build quality is also better, which feels lightweight, solid, and well-crafted.

What We Liked

The Fitbit Versa 2 has a built-in heart rate monitor, which has a lot of features like breathing exercises and other reminders to move, the Always-on mode helps to check the time or see the exercise stats without even lifting your wrist. It is waterproof so that you can use it for swimming sessions. The sleep mode disables notifications and screen display to stay free from disturbances during the night.


Design and Display

The display is fully surrounded by a thick bezel, which makes the watch to look smaller; the Versa’s LCD panel is one of the best features because you can view the screen even in sunlight and through polarized sunglasses. 


  • Singlebutton
  • Squircledesign
  • Always on AMOLED display. 

The squircle design is applied to Versa 2, also with a depth of 0.47 inches. It’s thicker than Apple 3, but it looks slimmer. It has three buttons on the chassis- two on the left and one on the right.


It has a bright AMOLED screen protected by gorilla glass 3, so with this option, it is capable of viewing upwards of 1,000 units of brightness, the 300 x 300 screen resolution is crisp and clear. This excellent GPS watch can be adjusted according to your brightness level and the environment you’re in.


  • Has terrible software
  • Has Amazon alexa speaker
  • 6+ day battery life
  • Water-resistant technology


  • Excellent Look
  • Good fitness tracker
  • Lightweight


  • No built with GPS technology

Water resistance:





Up to 165 feet

Heart rate infrared sensor

Lasts up to 25 days of normal use

OLED Display

40mm wide x 13 mm thick

The Withings Steel HR is the best analog watch that you can buy at an affordable price; it combines the classy look of an analog watch with a smartwatch. It looks slim and sleeky with 36mm casing, and 18mm watch straps; the circular dial has a lot of techs inside. It’s a great fashion-friendly choice like Apple. 


The Steel HR comes with a silicone strap and a small round dial in which you can see the date, time, metrics, and all the notifications. It uses digital technology OLED, which makes the Steel HR stand unique from other smartwatches. The small digital display face is the perfect combo of tech and style. 

The watch has a matte black stainless steel case with either a black face or a white face. It’s comfortable to press the side button to scroll through screens and view your heart rate, calories burned, step count, and more.


Activity Tracking

It has more than 30 different sport modes; you may have a doubt on how to start an activity? It can be done by just pressing and holding the side button to open the huge activity menu. All the details can be viewed within the Healthmate app while exercising or during other activities. One of the new features of Steel HR Sport is VO2 max; it calculates the amount of oxygen you utilize during exercise, the higher the number then, the more fit you are.

Fitness Features 

The standout feature of the Steel HR is the heart rate monitor; it tracks your heart rate 24/7. It automatically records exercises like walking, running, swimming; you can connect the watch to GPS on your phone and track the distance you’ve reached, location of the workout, and other fitness information. 


  • 25 day+ battery life
  • Built with great health mate app
  • HR sensor for running
  • Sensitive LCD screen for notifications


  • Worktable price
  • Best hybrid health watch
  • Great heart rate reader


  • Tiny OLED screen

Battery type:

Display Resolution:



Display Size:

Rechargeable, built-in lithium-ion battery

128 x 128 pixels


37.3 g

23.5 x 23.4 mm

Are you an ideal runner? Do you look for a watch with GPS, heart rate monitoring, and activity tracker? The Garmin Forerunner 35 is the perfect GPS watch which features a wrist-based heart rate monitor. It provides a high-resolution display that works better indoors and outdoors. This is the best waterproof watch up to 50 meters and has a lot of tracking modes for walking, cycling, and cardio. 


The face has a digital display that works well in both low light conditions and outdoors. The dimensions of face measure 1.4 inches of length, 0.5 inches of width, and 1.6 inches of height. The screen size is 128 x 128 pixels, which produce sharp and crisp images but it is less when compared to phones, laptops, tablets because the watch is small. 



Apart from the optical heart rate monitor, the Forerunner 35 comes with some outstanding features which are, 

Vibration alerts

This feature is for alerts, which means while you receive a text, mail, or phone, you’ll get an incoming notification on the watch. 

Music control 

You can control the music via (Play, Pause, Next/Previous) options; this is a fun feature for music control.

Interval Training 

Interval Training feature allows you to set-up intervals on your watch, it’s also possible to set the distance intervals off the track.


It has a long battery life of 9 days in smart mode and 13 hours with the GPS switched on, the strap is very flexible and comfortable to wear. Garmin Forerunner has covers and cases for added protection, the face, and buttons are permanent. The band weighs less so you can wear it without any discomfort; the buttons on the sides are easy to press.


  • 35+ multiple active modes
  • Support for updating software
  • Allows live tracking
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring


  • Classic design
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Waterproof resistant


  • Little bit expensive


Water Resistance:

Screen Resolution:

Display Type:


45 x 19 x 11 mm

Up to 50 m

120 x120 pixels


High gloss UV coating

Looking for a waterproof fitness tracker? The Huawei Band 3 is worth considering your requirements. It is highly affordable and packed with a lot of features; we’ve reviewed tons of watches and picked this best one. 
It promises to offer some of the astounding features like GPS tracking, sleep-tracking, advanced heart rate as well as waterproofing.


Huawei Band looks classic, flat-edged, and thick; the strap is made of a durable silicone material with cross lines on the outside for added texture. It’s a lightweight band which is comfortable to wear for the whole day and night. 

The watch face has a small rectangular display which is built on the top of the plastic housing; it looks more natural. The screen looks classy and gives a dash of high-feel, the shiny chamfers cut into the corners around the bezels and makes the watch astonishing.



The Band 3 offers 0.95″ AMOLED touch screen with a screen resolution of 120 x 240, the color saturation and contrast are above the medium level so you can see what’s on the screen easily. Being AMOLED, it will be off most of the time, but as soon as you put the watch on your wrist, it wakes up. It’s not incredible when compared to the smartwatch, but it works better and gives accurate results.


If you’re looking for a fitness tracked within affordable price, the Band3 Pro is a good choice. The Huawei application is very simple, which allows you to check your sleep, steps, heart rate. It comes with an Apple 3 microprocessor fixed with 384kb of RAM with this feature; you can move easily from one screen to another.


  • Built with GPS
  • Wide OLED screen
  • 7+ day battery power
  • Allows Bluetooth connection


  • Best for swimming and hiking
  • Reasonable price
  • High quality


  • No any physical buttons

Water Resistance:

Case Width:


Strap and Lug Width:

Dial Markings:

50 m


Mineral Glass

21 mm


Are you looking for a GPS watch to move your fitness to the next level? Timex Ironman GPS is the best watch to consider. Actually, it comes under $100, so this is an affordable option in the market to consider. The Timex Ironman Run Trainer with GPS and heart rate monitor is best for the people who love cycling. 


The design of Ironman is astounding when compared with other Timex’s watches; it doesn’t have the touchscreen; instead, there are five buttons. Before starting your workout, choose it and hold the button for about 10 seconds and wait for the GPS to sync. Not only running, but the Timex Ironman can also track multisport workouts like running, swimming, biking, etc.



Interval/Timer Function

This function allows you to customize and program the intervals which not only insists about your targeted workout but also provides the right direction, with audible beep sound it alerts you when to increase or decrease the activity. 

Programmable Zones

It helps to calculate the minimum/maximum speeds, heart rate. You can set the target and start running or any other activity. This feature will alert you if the limit goes too far or too low.

Multievent Tracking

One of the main advantages of this watch is, it can be used in different events. You can check and monitor the time, space, speed after the workout; the Timex GPS watch offers the true multi-sport tracking. 


The battery life is solid, as it remains stable for 12 hours without recharging it for a week. Each Timex Ironman GPS watch has a micro USB cable that allows you to charge and transfer the workouts. It is a lightweight watch that provides a 50-meter water-resistant case, so this is the perfect watch to buy.


  • HR speed sensor with alert notifications
  • Specialized buttons
  • INDIGLO night light and acrylic lens
  • Customizable alarm and countdown timer


  • Best for cycling and running
  • Slim and lightweight
  • High durability


  • Doesn’t have heart beat monitor


I’m sure that this extensive guide would help you to pick the best GPS watches for all activities and also offers tips to know before you buy. Depending on your needs, you can either go for an affordable choice or spend high, which will help you to score high in all your activities. Pick the best one and rock!!!


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