Have fun by planning a Camping trip with friends


Do you love to get in touch with nature? Then Camping is an amazing bonding activity and it is a fun time to go for outdoor adventures which may help to bond everyone together. This can give a pleasant experience by enjoying with your friends. To plan a camping trip with friends first you have to decide where you are going to camp.  Choose your favorite spot to enjoy.

It is the right time to coordinate your gear and it is good to find all the essential items that you need for camping. By moving around with your lovable ones can make the trip unforgettable as well as enjoyable. Just go for your favorite spots and get close with beautiful sceneries so you don’t have to walk or ride a cycle too far away from your campsite to have a good time.

How to Plan a camping trip with your friends? Here are some of the ideas to have a great blast while you go for a camping destination.

Bring necessities:

Be sure that you have all the essential items in your backpack before leaving the home. Make a list check twice and review your checklist with everyone who will be camping with you.

What to pack for camping?

What you need to bring will depend on the destination you have chosen for camping. It is also significant to decide whether you love to stay in a campground like car camping. Just have a look at cooking items that you need to survive for a long time at the campsite. Be prepared to face all the interesting situations in outdoor adventure and be safe.

You may need:

  • A Camping tent to keep yourself protected from harmful species around the campsite double check to ensure that you have all poles as well as stacks.
  • Sleeping Bags, Travel Pillows, Folding chairs and tables, Sunshade, light mattress, pocket knife for any quick cutting needs.
  • A headlamp, flashlight or a lantern which may help you to navigate when the campsite is too dark.
  • If you have a plan to cook then pack a good quality cookware along with a camping stove and a fuel that requires.
  • Keep a waterproof jacket, water purifier, GPS tracker, a first aid kit, a bug repellent, camera, mobile etc…

Have fun:

Camping can be lots of fun. It can be a great time to involve in new adventurous activities or get back into your hobbies you love. There are a lot of exciting games and activities to do in water if you have built your campsite near pools, lakes, rivers or any other source.

Explore all your ideas:

Card games are also good to play and it is easy to carry wherever you go. Games are the great idea to give everyone something to do around the fire at night. Involve all your friends and ask them what games they are willing to play coordinate with everyone.

Pick a Perfect Camping destination:

Campers always love great outdoors. While you plan for a great campsite make sure that the destination you are going to stay is better. When you get to your campsite there will be a lot of things that you may need from pitching tents to collecting water.

Build a Campfire:

When you travel with a group of friends you can easily build a campfire. So that you can boil the water, cook a food also it may help the person to come back to the campsite when it is dark. There are plenty of tasks to do at nighttime while camping as well. The darkness can be very thrilling out in the woods without all the lights of the city.

Play Spooky games or do things to light up the night

  • It may be interesting to play hide and seek in the dark environment. It can also build your relationship by the way it relaxes your mind.
  • Go for a midnight swim and enjoy with your friends. This can make you feel happy for a while and keep you calm.
  • Have a glowstick to get colorful and bright lights in the dark. It may enhance the beauty of your campsite and light your way. The bright sparkles can keep you safe always.
  • Dance around the fire with all your friends. Play a guitar, harmonica or any other instrument to make everyone happy as well as calm.
  • Reenact your favorite story or your life experiences with others scene by scene to have a great nighttime.

Set up a camp:

When you move to outdoor camping with a group of friends just find a site that looks like a place where you could stay for the whole week. Choose a perfect campsite for building the tent, cooking food and then settle in. pack all your gear properly and pick a place that offers something your family enjoys doing. Friends can take a turn to cook meals, setting up the tent and making fires.

Have an enjoyable experience:

  • You can play a fold up travel games but the best thing to go is exploring. Go swimming into the river which is nearby your tent or just go in front of the campfire and dance for your favorite music.
  • The campsites with a good shade should be preferred it must be well surrounded by tall trees. At the time of hot days, you can take rest under the gigantic tree and move for the next adventure. Listen to nature; watch the trees blowing in the breeze.

How to survive for a long in Campsite:

If you decide to cook food from home then it is better to take some healthier meal with you like Sandwiches, Fruit, and nuts, juices, soft drink, vacuum-packed meats, fresh carrots, dried fruits. Some may like to cook at the campsite so for them, it could be easier to boil a fresh omelet using campfire, pasta or meat pieces.

If you are near the pool or river catch fishes and have healthy food which can help to survive for a long time. Always boil a water and drink to avoid a bug or other insects’ infection, take a fresh meal wherever you travel.

Final Words:

Camping is fun filled activity to bond with nature. When you go with your friends it gives additional enjoyment and happiness. Get your friends together pack all the necessary gears and enjoy the amazing outdoors!


  1. Your ideas about camping were really Great! I am on a plan for camping with my friends. This article will surely help me to pack all my necessities for camping.


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