10 Camping Ideas for Storing


Staying and sleeping in your house for a long time without any fun is very much like a calculator or robot. You need to have fun and for that, you need to leave somewhere outdoors to keep yourself happy. One such trick to keep you excited is to go camping. Usually, children become anxious when you tell them about camping. However, things would not be the same when you pick the same campsite more than twice.

You should not only list down the amount of happiness you get from camping but also you should care more about the issues which arise along with it. The predominant camping issue which occurs to all the campers is packing. Most of you pack almost all the items from your home while you set out for camping. Have you ever thought that you are trying to fit all the items in your home into your small car? How come your car will accommodate that many stuff?

Therefore, it is wise to carry only the items which you need the most while you go to a campsite. But, you don’t want to live like an uncivilized primitive man inside the dense forest. Do you? So, your packing method should be that precise and perfect to accommodate most of the stuff you deem to be necessary at the campsite. You are not going to increase the size of your car to accommodate your stuff, but you can follow some clever step to accomplish the task. Here are some packing techniques which you can follow while you pack for a long-term camping and enjoy the true delight behind it.

  1. Zip locks

Although they are small items which have the least association with camping, they play a vital role to secure items. We use zip locks to keep it safe from water; apart from that, they can also be used to keep the small items like keys chains, watches, etc safe. Usually, folks while leaving for a campsite are very much worried about the breakthrough of thieves into their house while they are away.

Money, credit cards, checks etc are the stuff on which the thieves focus. You can take them with you while you go out camping. Don’t be scared that you could get them drenched. You can keep them in zip lock covers. Now that, you have safeguarded your valuables you can enjoy your trip. Apart from documents, you can store small items like lip balm, spices, lighters, etc inside the zip locks so that you don’t have to find a separate case for that.

  1. Dry tents

No one would go inside the forest without tents. Sleeping at night by having a look at the stars is a mesmerizing experience inside a jungle. But, you cannot experience that happiness, unless you are safe inside a tent. When you pack the tent for camping you should check for wears and tears of the tent in order to ensure safety from poisonous insects and mosquitoes. When you pack up from your campsite, you should completely dry your tent before you pack them in order to prevent the culture of fungus. Also, dry tents accommodate less space when compared to moist tents.

  1. Plastic containers and shelves

Throwing the camping gadgets into the camping vehicle might accommodate more space and it might not hold all your requirements. In order to keep your stuff segregated, you should develop the habit of arranging your requirements in plastic containers. Huge camping vehicles can also be built with the racks and shelves in order to accommodate all the camping requirements. Cookery and kitchen items can also be kept inside appropriate plastic boxes in order to get more space.

  1. Kitchen table

Most folks just use a small table as a kitchen table while they go camping. Remember, this might accommodate more space than a precisely designed camping kitchen gadget which is specially designed for that purpose. Find a new kitchen table which has a lot of chambers and drawers. You can use the volume inside the table to store cookware, raw materials, flour, etc. This way, you can get more space for many other things required for camping.

  1. Cargo sleeping nets

Stacking things one above the other is easy only if both the top and the bottom region of an item is plane like a box. Not all the items, which you take while you go out, have plane phases. I believe most of the items have a blunt top. It means that you cannot load any item on top of that blunt item. In other words, you cannot use the space inside the vehicle efficiently. At such situations, you can simply tie a cargo net at the back and stuff it with your requirements. But, before doing this make sure you stuff only things that can be handled roughly.

  1. Stove

The main cooking gadget that you should take along with you when you set out for camping is a stove. Without that, I bet you are going to be hungry throughout the day. Further, don’t expect that you can rely on the resources of the forest to satisfy your hunger. That is not going to work. Every time when you pack your stove in your vehicle, make sure that you drain all the fuel properly and clean them appropriately before you put it into the appropriate case. Please note that you should place your stove somewhere it can stay alone without the intervention of any other items. Avoid placing food items over the stove; else all your food will smell like the gasoline you used to fill the stove.

  1. Evacuate the sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are really life-saving sacs inside a dense forest. As you know they don’t create heat, but they retain the heat which comes out from your body. The interiors of the sleeping bags accumulate a good amount of air which shows it to be fluffy and spongy. Therefore, before packing your sleeping bag it is very important to evacuate all the air from the sleeping bag. This practice helps to get more space inside the vehicle whenever you pack up.

  1. Foldable chairs

You don’t like to sit on the bare bacteria breeding soil in the jungle while you are at the campsite. Do you? Chairs are also one of the main items that anyone who goes out for camping would grab. At the same time, are you going to pack your huge couch while you go camping? I hope your answer is no and why is that you don’t do that. It is because of its size and weight. Isn’t it? Therefore, it is better to have some foldable lightweight chairs which occupy less space inside the vehicles. Foldable tables are also good enough to occupy less space.

  1. Plastic bottles

Plastics are curses cast on the earth. But, not when you go camping. Indeed, when you set up for camping they are really very helpful tools to hold various liquid items. Apart from holding water, they can very well be used to hold clips, bands, elastics, etc. you can also use DIY plastic bottles keep your small pieces of cloth dry when you hike in a rain forest.

  1. Egg Crates

You don’t have to carry huge egg crates while you go out for camping. You can simply take out all the eggs and just store the stirred eggs in a bottle. Additionally, you can use the egg crates to hold charcoal which is a valuable source of fuel in a drenched forest. Since you use your egg crates to carry the charcoal you don’t have to carry a huge and heavy sack of charcoal to your campsite.


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