How to Sleep Better during Camping


Camping provides you sound amusement and pleasure but in order to experience that happiness, you should prepare well before leaving your home. Prepare a checklist before some days of your departure; doing so will reduce your stress while devising a final plan. You may face troubles and perform achievements while you wander in and around the campsite during the daytime. But after such an achievement, you need some rest at the night to get ready for the next day.

Not all the folks possess the same mode of sleep. Some people won’t even get up from their bed, even if they sense impending danger like a lightning strike. On the other hand, some people are very sensitive and they get up even if they hear a gentle sound. So sleeping at night at your campsite shall be a different experience and unique for all of you. In this article, I have mentioned some tips to get better sleep while you are resting on a campsite.

  1. The sound of a rill

It is a quite cheerful and delightful experience to camp at a grassland from where you can see the dawn and dusk scattered with clouds of vibrant colors and hear a rippling sound of a small stream which runs in that vicinity. Although this natural landscape provides you ample happiness at daytime, it shall be a real nightmare at night. The silent dark night which devours the full moon along with the sound of the flowing creek shall make you feel creepy. This intention can interrupt your sleep greatly and so it is good enough to have a pair of earplugs which can keep you from hearing such hindering noise.

  1. Comfy spot

It is essential to fix the spot where you are about to build your tent in an extremely strange site. Try not to build tents on a sloppy surface as there is a huge possibility for the winds to push the rocks and bushes towards your tent. Also, staying in between the trees and at lower elevation can also be dangerous. It is always better to fix your tent on a flat surface which is strengthened by natural barriers.

  1. Sleeping bag

You know there is a large difference between a blanket and a sleeping bag. There is nothing irritating like a deflated sleeping bag at the middle of a freezing night. Examine your sleeping bag before you snuggle inside and if you find any deformity in it seal it with the duct tape in order to prevent the entry of cold air into the sleeping bag. You can also add memory foams inside the sleeping bag for proper cushioning.

  1. Warm your bag

Sleeping bags can only retain your body heat and to your information, they don’t generate heat. Since your sleeping bag sits idle throughout the day there is no way for it to get heated. When you just step inside your sleeping bag you can feel cold. How are you going to sleep in a cold bag? Fear not, just heat some water and pour it in heat resistant bottles. Let it cool for some time. Then throw them inside the bag 30 minutes before you go to sleep. By doing so, you can get a warm and peaceful sleep when you snuggle inside the sleeping bag.

  1. Choosing your sleeping bag

There are sleeping bags which are available in various models from various reputed organizations. Pick the appropriate sleeping bag which suits your requirement. Do not pick the sleeping bag which is fabricated for arid zones, when you go to a dense forest. You will never sleep in your sleeping bag at that environment because of sweat. If you think your sleeping bag shall be cool then you can use warming layers to keep you warm.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are real enemies at night at your campsite. You cannot simply take chance with mosquitoes as it will end up with the deterioration of your health. Also, you will have to pat all over your body to mitigate the itch caused by its bite. Use a mild coat of mosquito repellent solution just for a cause. Also, seal the holes in your tent and enclose your tent with the mosquito netting to get rid of those annoying insects.

  1. No chocolates

Having a steaming cup of a drink and sitting around the campfire and composing some music or reciting anecdotes shall be an interesting event at a campsite. But there are several food items like French fries, chocolates, citrus, alcohol, spice etc which should not be eaten at night as they always hinder your sleep. It is good to have a cup of chamomile tea, which is considered to be a mild tranquilizer which induces you to sleep.

  1. Flashlights

Even your friend cannot be your accomplice like torchlight when you are camping at unfamiliar sites. Anything may happen at the dark hours of the night in such an environment. It is better to have a torchlight at your reach before you sleep, which is some sort of precaution to explore outside the tent even if you have not planned to go out at the middle of the night. By doing so, you can gain adequate determination before you sleep.

  1. Check out your bathroom spot

It is good to stay away from fixing your bathroom spot in the middle the night in a peculiar location. You are certainly unaware of the threats in a newly selected place at night. Instead, you can fix a spot some hours before you go to sleep when there is enough ambient light.


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