7 Tips to follow when camping with your dog


Moving out of your house for a new campground is always a wonderful experience for you and your kids. But, have you ever felt sorry for your pet that is not able to accompany you. For sure, most of you must have left your pet at home with a heavy heart. It is fine to take your pet with you to the camping ground, but make sure that your dog is very obedient to you in a new zone. Here are few tips which you need to scroll through before you take your dog to the campground along with you.

  1. Check whether your pet is allowed

Before you plan your campsite, the first job that you need to do is to check with the guardians in the campground whether their campground welcomes your pet. Of course, that facility is banned in most of the busy campgrounds where a lot of people move around. If your pooch is allowed then it is ok, otherwise, you can find campgrounds in some undeveloped areas where your dog is welcome.

  1. Pay a pre-trip Vet visit

It is certainly a good idea to pay a pre-trip visit to your veterinarian just to make sure that your pet is ok to accompany you. Usually, officials check for rabies and its associated vaccinations for the dogs in campgrounds where dogs are permitted. Impart vaccinations to your dog and have the associated documents which you may need to show to the officials at the campground. Hence, sorting out such important papers before you reach the campground is crucial.

  1. Basic needs

Like humans dogs also have their basic needs which involve food and shelter.  Take sufficient amount of food for your dog in a good quantity, before setting out of your home. Also, you also need to carry about its shelter. You can also allot a place for him to stay with you in your tent to keep him warm. If your dog is crate trained, then it is ok to take your crate with you. Don’t leave your dog alone in a small tent, as there is a huge possibility for them to claw their way out. You can also take his favorite chewy toy with you in order to provide your dog with satisfaction.

  1. Keep away from wildlife

Usually dogs bark when it encounters something unusual. One should know how to control his dog with commands when his dog barks for trivial reasons. Otherwise, you may have to earn the wrath of your fellow campers. People like to see the birds chirping and the deer’s running in the meadow, but when dogs come across this scenery they start to bark. Such barks can invite strange wild animals into the campsite resulting in a chaos at a campsite. Therefore, keeping your dog silent is the best idea while you roam about in the campground.

  1. Check for foxtails, thorns, ticks

You might be accustomed to a habit of taking your dog with you for a regular exercise. Once you finish your exercise, it is better to check your dog for thorns, foxtails, and ticks all over its body. Failure to diagnose his body can also be an impending threat to your pet. If you find ticks in your pet’s body, make sure you use your dog’s first aid kit to get rid of them.

  1. Don’t forget your dog’s poop bag

Although everyone has a soft corner for a cute looking dog, they don’t take it easy when they happen to find a dog poop in the campground. You may also earn the wrath of the people for your dog’s misbehavior. Moreover, the poop of your dog can also attract wild animals to the campsite which puts the lives of all the campers in danger. So, it is a mandatory requirement for you to have poop bags for your dogs when you enter any campground.

  1. Don’t leave your dog unattended

This is one of the most important issues commonly faced in all the campsites. Folks tie the dogs to a tree or some stable article as a punishment for their disobedient behavior. When tied they shout loud which can annoy your neighbors greatly. Apart from that, the sound made by your dog can also invite wild animals to the campsite. So, it is important for the owners refrain from leaving their pet unattended under any circumstance.


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