How to Stay Warm during your Great Outdoor camping trip


Leaving out for a camping trip is always a happy moment for anyone. In order to experience prolonged happiness, you have to make flawless preparations. You can visit a campsite in your recreational vehicle, but always staying in the recreational vehicle with your family does not make too much difference from your daily sleep at home.

When you go to a new campsite, staying in a tent with that environment makes you feel more intimate to nature unlike staying in your recreational vehicle. Although, staying in a tent can bring you close to nature, sleeping in a tent is not as easy as you do in your recreational vehicle. It is crucial to keep you away from the wicked tongues of chilling weather in that environment and for that, you need to know some basic tips which are clearly listed in this article. Have a glance at it to grasp more information.

  1. Have your base layers

True to their name, base layers snug close to the layer of your skin in order to keep your body hot. Although, your body produces some heat, due to dense cold winds which pass by you takes away all the heat from your body leaving you cold and freezing. Base layers help in forming a thin layer of heat all over the body and therefore plays a vital role in sustaining the heat in your body. Usually, base layers are made up of polyesters or its blends and so they have high breathability which also allows the sweat to escape easily leaving your body dry. Note that, comparing to polyester base layers, woolen base layers can provide you a good amount of heat.

  1. Eat high fat and protein

Reconsidering your diet is also essential when you get ready to fight really cold environments. Usually, nutrition experts convey messages that high-fat content is not good for your health. But when you encounter strong chilling weather, you have to consume high-fat material. You know that carbohydrates are essential to convert the fuel to food quickly but in cold weather, they get burnt easily which can result in the increase in hunger. To avoid this issue, you can consume high fats and proteins in your diet because fats burn slowly in the cold atmosphere and keep you stable for a long time.

  1. Hot non-caffeinated beverages

Keeping your hydrated in the cold environment is very important in order to avoid issues like hypothermia. Usually, you won’t feel thirsty in a cold environment, but still, it is your responsibility to keep you hydrated. Folks think that they don’t feel thirsty because they don’t lose water from their body but they are wrong. You might have seen water vapour and smoke coming out from your body in a really cold environment and what do you guess them to be? It is a form of water. In order to equalize the loss of water from your body don’t try to take hot caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea. The can really dehydrate more water from your body at cold temperatures. Pick hot water with honey and lemon, hot chocolate etc to keep you warm.

  1. Sleeping bags

There is no big nightmare to a person who has an impaired cold weather gear in the middle of a freezing night. Take time in selecting your sleeping bag keeping the venue and the weather of your campsite in your mind. Basically, there are two main types of sleeping bags, namely down-filled sleeping bags and synthetic type sleeping bags. The down types are made up of feathers of duck or goose. They form an excellent insulation layer which traps more heat emanating from your body.

Down filled sleeping bags have less weight and so they can be compressed easily, but when drenched they are completely useless and they don’t trap heat anymore until they dry completely. On the other hand, the synthetic sleeping bags can retain your body heat even when they are drenched, but they don’t get compressed easily like a down-filled sleeping bag and so they heavier than a down filled sleeping bag. You can also consider installing a good foam pad at the base of the sleeping bag in order to provide additional warmth and insulation from the cold atmosphere.


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