What you must avoid doing on a camping trip


Setting out from your home to some other place to enjoy your holidays shall be really a joyful experience for anyone. An experienced camper always follows all the camping rules when he is accompanied by his fellow campers. But, when it comes to beginners things aren’t the same. Most of the beginners tend to violate most of the camping rules regardless of the harm that it would bring to them. This article contains brief information about what not to do at a campsite in order to make your camp a great success.

  1. Respect nature and wildlife

The predominant mistake that most you do at your campsite is littering. You take a lot of plastic zip lockers, aluminum cans, trash bags, plastic containers, straws, polythene bags etc. But when you return from the campsite you don’t want to carry extra weight which is absolutely useless and finally, you dump it somewhere near your campsite. This is unfair. There is a great possibility for your wastes to be consumed by innocent domestic creatures and end in death.

For example, the chewing gum which you spit out is often mistaken to be a worm for a sparrow. The gum chokes the throat of the sparrow and finally kills it. Remember, all these happened just because of your negligence on the wildlife. So, it shall be appreciated if you don’t leave any litters behind in your camping ground which is a nuisance not only for the wildlife but also for the next person who comes to that camping ground.

  1. Arriving after sunset

Most folks like to have a small walk along the road near their campsite and explore the scenarios on their path. They don’t care much about the time. Not all of your travel at the same speed. Some can hike faster, whereas some other walks slower. This habit is not good while you are in a new environment. It is the responsibility of each one of you to watch each other’s back. Fast hikers should try to walk little slower and slow walkers should learn to match with the speed of other persons in the camp.

Apart from that, constructing a camp after the nightfall shall make you really mad. You may not have time to explore the parts of your tent to have them fixed and finally, you will accuse your co-hikers, family, and friends of arriving late. Such late arrivals can greatly hinder the joy in having a good sleep after having a hot cup of chocolate by sitting next to the campfire. Therefore, it is good to arrive at your campsite before the estimated time, so that you can have ample ambient light to construct your tent.

  1. Consider your next door camper

You know that you are not the only one person who camps by any site. Of course, you have been lodging there for your relaxation and happiness. There are also other folks who have arrived there to enjoy their holidays. Have some respect for them by showing some sort of adaption towards them. Stop playing your radio at a high volume at the late night which annoys your neighbor. It is also better to stay away from shouting and howling in the middle of the night. If you happen to do any of these which affects the person in your next tent, express your apology to them politely. It would be better if you express your apology with some freshly baked hot cookies.

  1. Perfumes

Most of you have a great affinity towards perfumes, which are available in different flavors. But, they don’t suit you well at your camping ground like your city dwelling.  Remember, bears have surprising sniffing capabilities to scents with which they can invade your campsite. So, stay away from wearing anything smelly which attracts bears, monkeys, and other animals. Not only perfumes, it is also good to store your food in an airtight container which does not spread any smell to those hairy invaders.

  1. Nice clothing and jewellery

Of course, you are going outdoors for camping at a new site. But, ask you this question? Are you going for some interview where your personality and looks are important to worry about? No. Isn’t it? You don’t have to bring costly garments and suits to a campsite as it is of no use there. Instead, wearing a suit at the campsite shall picture you like a buffoon.

Not only suits, you should also stay away from wearing costly jewellery. What is the point of wearing it when there is no one to look at it? Moreover, thefts can also be more prevalent in such places about which you are completely unfamiliar. Therefore, it is good for anyone to refrain from bringing any sort of expensive garments and jewellery to the campground.


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